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Thomas Merton, No Man Is an Island

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”


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"this work is all part of my EXPLORATION of my own art within the makeup world - and what it means to be a makeup artist building an art career using a medium that many won't consider to be an art form.

It certainly is art

we create our work in short moments in time, on a warm canvas that is alive, who changes angle and mood in every shot… and we hope the Alchemy of the lights, the model, the scene and the photographer capture the essence of what we intended to create in the final image. It's an exhilarating and frustrating art form for so many reasons."

makeup is part of our self

expression as human beings

for both the wearer and the creator

“Our culture made a virtue

of living only as extroverts.

We discourage the inner journey,

the quest for a CENTER.

So we lost our CENTER

and have to find it again.”

  • Anais Nin

'Makeup artist bootcamp' explores how to nurture and replenish our own inner artist and not indulge the inner SABOTEUR. It’s more a conversation that asks the right questions to get artists on track, than a ‘course’.

We combine mindset with play to enable a makeup artist to thrive exactly where they are - and painting that will enhance and refine our own brush skills no matter what level of artist we are.

this nurtures self confidence as an artist.

Through mindfulness and play, we find trust in ourselves and our abilities... regardless of whats in our kit.

nurturing yourself as an artist allows space for brush mastery, artistry confidence and silencing the saboteur.

we Then get on with tools to assist following our hearts in our own unique way...

in an industry that seems so loud in it's opinion on how you can/should be a success…MUA BOOTCAMP allows you to get on the path you want to be on. we find ways to balance what 'they' want from us as well as creating work that fulfills our own artistic visions and inner goals. This all leads to a FULFILLING makeup career now rather than waiting until a ‘made it’ moment.


It's a completely unique, powerful and special education that has been in existence since 2013. with so many artists thriving in the way they dreamed their careers to be over the years, I'm extremely proud of what we have achieved as artists doing this work together, the community we have created and of course, practicing all this in my own life to nurture my own beautiful makeup career and LIFE adventures. "


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Becca works as a Freelance Makeup and Body Artist in NYC whilst touring her Makeup Artist Bootcamp, Masterclasses and guest speaking events globally.

Currently on a short break from teaching as she settles into New York City life, please contact with any future Education requests.

A yearly subscription will keep you inspired all year round... delivered right to your door x

A yearly subscription will keep you inspired all year round... delivered right to your door x


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