"What Lies Beneath" Mert and Marcus

I'm not sure I'll ever get over the beauty of this shoot from Love Magazine #6, 2011. Featuring Mariacarla Boscono, Saskia De Brauw, Kristen McMenamy, Paul Boche, Anais Pouliot, Lara Stone, Jed Texas, Guinevere VanSeenus, Xiao Wen Ju and Angus Whiteheadare. "What Lies Beneath" served as I major inspiration for 'We the Painted' and features heavely on my moodboards for the book.


It wasn't until recent years I discovered the controversy behind this shoot as some people have pointed out that this shoot is in fact, a direct copy of Jeff Barks 2007 Woodpecker Series.

As first pointed out to me by beautifully-invisible.com.... I now feel as guilty about loving this shoot as much as I feel guilty for buying a designer rip-off design from Zara.

  CLICK HERE  to go to www.beautifully-invisible.com

CLICK HERE to go to www.beautifully-invisible.com

We need a @dietprada for editorial ripoffs. Maybe one already exists... let me know if you know of an account that does this. I KNOW that sometimes ideas are created with amazing similarities by absolute chance... this has happened TWICE for me creating editorials for @laudmagazine - One was creating the Gucci Inspired shoot... then 2 months after we shot it, and JUST before we went to print... Gucci released a sunglasses campaign that looks creepily like what we shot. Same set theme and everything. THEN the same has happened for a shoot coming up in Issue #8 and a Balenciaga print add. NUTS! Complete co-incidence! Our shoots were shot well before these images by the big labels were even released.

However... I can't get past this with Mert & Marcus. Part of my heart breaks because I LOVE LOVE LOVE their work and I hate knowing this. And I'm also In love with this shoot. UGH!

Jeff Barks shoot definitely has more soul and authenticity ... and it's a clear copy. It's waaaayyy too specifically close to be 'Inspired by' . I mean they even recreated the wooden jetty, the car scene, the swans. All of it. And maybe the argument is it's a recreation of art in and editorial and fashion context. I don't know. I feel squirmy and uncomfortable. I'd love to know if Jeff Bark was, in fact, consulted beforehand. Something tells me maybe not. If he was... I can freely love both shoots.

Lets take a minute to appreciate the ORIGINAL creative behind this vision... Jeff Barks 'Woodpecker Series'.