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The Makeup Artist Retreat isn’t a course.

It’s a collection of philosophies, ideas and exercises to consider as a Makeup Artist that will support and strengthen your artistry no matter where you are in your career. Makeup Artist Wellness for your career is of the same importance as finding that perfect ‘blackest-black’ eyeliner for your kit. Or the perfect foundation. After sharing this in Australia for the past 5 years, Artists are referred to this work as their ‘game changer’.

The experience of a MUA Retreat is like walking into a room full of great makeup artists to have the kind of conversations that fuels the fire inside you of why you are a makeup artist…whilst realising some people are dealing with similar things along the way. Your imagination will be in full bloom in a MUA Retreat .

We are artists first… with one foot in the service industry. Our artistry is used in a commercial sense and that’s how we make our living. Being of artistic service to others and spending so much of our own energy in our work, it’s ESSENTIAL that we take the time to replenish ourselves. Whether we work in Film, TV, Print, Bridal - any area on the spectrum of Makeup Artistry - The MUA Retreat exists purely as a space for Artist Wellness and Career Nurturing.

The Makeup Artist Retreat is 2 days of relaxed and inspiring bliss.

Press pause on your Makeup Career and entertain your imagination over the two days of a MUA Retreat. Working with the metaphor that our careers are a garden and we are the ‘gardeners’… we will explore, appreciate and cultivate our gardens. We pull the weeds that don’t need to be there, plant new seedlings and fill your ‘tool shed’ with exercises to assist you growing your makeup career to be the garden of your dreams. Or not. It’s all up to you. You might even become open to new opportunities and passions… who knows! Everyone gets something different from the weekend.

It’s Makeup Artist REAL TALK that helps clear paths for you to adventure down whilst letting some sunshine in for your favourite plants (your personal career milestones). This work encourages career growth in a healthy environment.

Healthy mind - healthy ‘garden’.

“There’s a discipline for passion - Lady Gaga”

Invest in yourself and your artistry by booking into a One or Two Day Makeup Artist Retreat. If you want to know more or hear Becca speak… there are also 3 hour Evening Mini Retreats in each upcoming city before the Retreat Weekends.

U P C O M I N G M U A R E T R E A T S…

Describing the Makeup Artist Retreat . . .

It’s been a tongue tied challenge over the past 5 years to articulate what these two days are all about. I’ve now realised the only way I can describe The MUA Retreat is by using a metaphor we can all understand - the metaphor of an eye-shadow palette.

IT’S Not just ANY eye-shadow palette!

This metaphorical palette is the most incredible palette I have ever worked with! I’ve spent the best part of 20 years using this palette of essential ideas in my own career… and I’m able to use it on any job, under any condition, to transform and colour ANYTHING I want. (And I have to want to).

I’ve been sharing this palette with Australian Makeup Artists for the past five years and have watched them go on to create some amazing things for themselves also using this metaphorical ‘Palette of Essential Ideas’.

Now that this palette has been tried and tested by a wide variety of makeup artists and I know it is really as good as I believe it is... It’s ready to be shared with everyone!

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More about the evolution . . .

In the first edition of this book, Makeup Artist Bootcamp, artists had monthly and annual ‘Production Meetings’ with themselves to keep this work going throughout their career. I eventually realised that for ambitious introverts like myself, calling ‘time to myself to work on my career and mindset’ an ARTIST RETREAT sounded more desirable. Bootcamp and Production meetings I realise now, sound exhausting… and the experience of taking time for yourself to create your career is quite the opposite! The Makeup Artist Retreat represents what the two days really feel like… like taking time out to rest, pause and refresh your Makeup Artist body, mind and soul.

The Makeup Artist Retreat isn’t a course that you attend, learn a bunch of techniques & leave with a certificate in your hand.

It’s a set of philosophies and tools to use evolve your artistry with daily.

In the upcoming new edition of the book version, there are 80+ topics of conversation & activities for complete Makeup Artist Wellness. These are tried and tested effective self-mentoring tools. I have grouped the philosophies and exercises into six main groups of focus. In a Makeup Artist Retreat, we cover the fundamental ideas and then send you home with the entire collection, inspired to introduce more Retreat time into your own Makeup Career.

As part of the live MUA Retreats, you will also be added to the private Facebook group that is exclusively for artists who have done the weekend… and it’s a supportive and uplifting space to turn to with questions, comments or celebrations of milestones realised where other artists will celebrate with you. There is also the @themakeupartistretreat instagram account for regular chats and inspiration.