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You need these!... Exyra Blue Light Glasses

You need these!... Exyra Blue Light Glasses


It's a snow day in NYC. In fact, it's my very first snow day in my LIFE! I can't help but gaze lovingly out the window whilst it seems to be raining cotton balls! I've taken quite a few 'walking in the snow' videos to last me a lifetime and let me tell you... apart from the slush on the footpath... it's everything I thought snow falling would be. (Until I learnt that snow is formed around particles of dust, ash or space particles which means catching snowflakes with my tongue doesn't seem so attractive anymore.) I know that New Yorkers are so sick of the snow... but I'm loving today!

A snow day pretty much means that you have full permission to lounge around in your PJ's whilst working from home. I'm on deadline with Laud Magazine and whilst I have transcribed an interview, finalised my beauty notes and set up a new InDesign layout for 'Feed Your Scroll'... I've arrived in the afternoon wanting to do nothing more than procrastinate and do any kind of work.

I showed my American friend the joys of Troy from MAFS and his cringe worthy kisses... which led to watching snippets from 'Kissed at First Sight'... to ... well... more procrastinating.

My eyes were stinging and looking at a screen to work seemed like torture. I thought it was because the snowy weather and central heating were doing something to my sensitive eyes (they are divas)... but then I remembered! Months ago, a PR firm had sent me some EXYRA glasses and I had packed them in my luggage when I moved over to NYC 2 weeks ago. I dug them out of my suitcase today and popped them on.

Yes they are my PJs... keeping it real kids lols. 

Yes they are my PJs... keeping it real kids lols. 

Fast forward to an hour later and I'm here writing a post about how amazing they are because the stinging has stopped and I can actually focus on my screen!

Before you ask... no I am not getting paid for this post.

There's been a lot of screen time over the past couple of weeks. I've been out exploring NYC but also working on and sending my folio to the most amazing photographers and agencies... I've been working on Laud Issue 9 and then my downtime at night has been a glass of wine and Netflix. My eyes were starting to have enough!

To tell you the truth... I was wearing the Exyra glasses a bit when we were wrapping up Issue 8 and did notice that I could concentrate longer on my work... however thought it was more due to the good coffee. 

Digital Eye Strain is a real thing!

Lately I have been thinking I should change my mascara as by the late afternoon my eyes have been stinging and I thought it might be my makeup. I've even had to stop conversations to go wash my face off as it was stinging so persistently. When the stinging didn't stop (and was feeling rather like an invisible onion was under my eyes)... I put it down to makeup being actually in my eyes. BUT MAYBE IT'S BEEN EYESTRAIN THE WHOLE TIME. I certainly feel like the stinging has stopped just by putting these glasses on.

Blue light comes from our screen as well as LED and Fluorescent lighting... I quit a job once because the lights made my head go crazy and I couldn't handle it! After a while in a studio I CAN'T WAIT to turn those bloody makeup lights off! This is all such a revelation for me today! It's most probably been blue light the whole time.

Considering my eyes are imperative to being a makeup artist I'M NEVER TAKING THESE GLASSES OFF. I really wonder if my stamina on a studio shoot would be greater if I wore these glasses. 

I'm sold. This is why I think every makeup artist should have a pair! We need to protect our eyes!


I have these... but there are so many more in the range.

I have these... but there are so many more in the range.

What a great discovery... I hope by just doing this post someone else finds a huge difference.


Now... back to deadline work!


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