Work Essentials - BKR Glass Water Bottle

Work Essentials - BKR Glass Water Bottle


Yes... I'm writing another unpaid post about an item I love.


Because... bloody hell... I'm obsessed. And now more than ever we need to take care of ourselves in this strange world we are all navigating... and this helps to do it in a stylish and environmentally friendly way.

If you don't know me... one thing is I have unusually small hands. Child size in fact. They haven't grown since I was about 8-9 years old. I think this helps me A LOT in my intricate body work... but for some occasions - I'm challenged. The struggle is sometimes real.

Once I couldn't get my change out of a parking meter in Sydney as my fingers couldn't get to the back of the machine where the coin was.

Gloves never fit me. Even small ones. Flappy ends every time.

Can't play adult guitar as fingers wont wrap around the fret board.

Can't type on a modern iPhone with only one hand. Popsocket required.

Nail artists always have a moment of appreciation for how tiny my nail beds are. 

My beloved Rae Morris foundation brush feels big for my hands. Slips out of my grip. Not even kidding.

Many friends will stop me half way through a conversation to squeel about my hands as they forgot how small they are.

My hands are often squeezed and or hugged like that person has just picked up the cutest puppy in the world. Yes, it's often weird.

Asian women normally roll their eyes and think 'can't be smaller than mine' until I press my hands against theirs. I win every time.

Australian men think it's hilarious to remind me of that Rodney Rude song about girls with small hands."So funny Johnno...never heard that one" (It's always the Johnno) 


One other challenge is these fancy glass bottles that everyone loves, and had wanted for myself, are so wide I can't drink with them with one hand as I drop them from the size and weight. They slip out of my restricted grip.


I love taking a water bottle on set with me as much as possible to save on the stupid amounts of wastage that comes with individual water bottles on set. The other day when I was at  I was gifted a 500ml 'Spiked Tutu'.

At first glance I was excited by the fact it is my favourite colour of pink and almost the same pink as my MUA Bootcamp book. But it wasn't until I came home... filled it with delish NYC tap water (Yep. It's the best tap water I have ever tasted) that I realised I had refilled 4 times because it was so good to drink out of! Not only could my baby fingers grip the bottle with one hand because of the sexy grippy stud work... the glass lip of the bottle allowed me to gulp (aka chug) as much water as I wanted in this horrid NYC humidity. The looped lid also makes it easy to carry around... and I don't know if it's false pretenses... but I feel like if I WERE to drop it... the silicone wrap would keep the glass safe. I won't test this though.

I have no fear of this bottle slipping out of my fingers and that in itself for this fingerly challenged girl... it's a miracle.

 The silicone sleeve makes me feel like I am drinking out of a souvenir bought at some contemporary art gallery as a reminder of the obscure sculptures I just saw inspired by modern fashion. It's a lovely item to have around all the time.

I'm also feeling good contributing to my own beauty regime - water, water, water. Not only is water essential to hydrate my body... my skin radiates and my mind becomes so clear I literally entertain better thoughts than when I'm thirsty. I certainly enjoy BEING myself more when I'm hydrated. I suffer the hangries if I haven't eaten...(can I get an amen from all those hangry sufferers) I also think there's a water equivalent.



What if when we are hydrated we are more beautiful

merely because with hydration, comes our happier selves!?!

We all know beauty has nothing to do with our features don't we? 

I'm also now not wasting plastic with some flimsy plastic water bottle on set with my name written all wonky on the side with a marker. You know... the ones you get on set that is usually 375ml which doesn't rehydrate a soul from all the morning coffee we drank. And the same ones you can squash into a wafer thin piece of plastic art called 'landfill' or 'who knows if this really gets recycled'. 

BRAVO BKR. I'm in love.

New Beauty x

New Beauty x