Behind the Scenes... Gucci is Life for LAUD Magazine

Behind the Scenes... Gucci is Life for LAUD Magazine

Issue #6 of LAUD Magazine was in production around the time that I was obsessed by the new pieces coming from Gucci's utopia. There something about the recent aesthetic that really warms the cockles of my soul and I know I am not the only one who is having the same delicious visual experience. Even before any news of the recent plagiarism claims (read more here) and to be honest... a little gloss has worn off for me after learning about that. I am struggling to feel ok about it even though there is a part of me that thinks there is a bit of Andy Warhol philosophy weaved into this story as well. I still love the work coming from Gucci but a part of my heart died when I read more into the supposed lack of integrity. Boo.

But back in the time of issue #6 production... I wanted to create a Gucci inspired shoot purely to play within that delicious aesthetic. And it was as fun and pleasurable as I thought it would be. I put together a team who I knew would love this as much as I was going to... and off we went!

I spent 2 days creating hand made glitter pieces for the shoot and on a recent Masterclass tour of Australia I promised I would share more 'behind the scenes' images... and here we are.

My inspiration was the Gucci pieces that I am still wishing was in my wardrobe. Having a basic SPFX background... I went about creating my 'prosthetic' pieces for the shoot. A fancy way of saying I made glitter pieces for the face.

STEP ONE: Create the design sketches.

sketches for gucci

STEP TWO: Apply Latex

STEP THREE: (this takes time...) apply glitter colour by colour... cm by cm.


STEP FOUR: Remove pieces from base... clean off and make a little video to show the rest of the team.

STEP FIVE: Adhere pieces on Amberley Colby's face with simple lash glue for quick look transitions throughout the day! Detailed beauty Notes in LAUD magazine

Was such a fun shoot! Amazing team... amazing location!

Photography - Henryk

Styling - LJSstyling

Hair - Lauren McCowan

Model - Amberley Colby

Makeup - Me

See the shoot in LAUD Magazine Issue #6

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Face2Face Makeup Awards 2017 Judges!

Face2Face Makeup Awards 2017 Judges!