CATEGORY DEFINITION Being Key Makeup Artist for an amazing fashion label is a career milestone for many makeup artists. Research your favourite designer and design makeup for their upcoming ‘retrospective’ show, ( a show made up of 12 of your favourite pieces ). One makeup design that suits your fashion selections and is on trend with the label you have chosen.

The Fashion Catwalk category is a perfect category for Artists who want to show their skills as a makeup designer or even Makeup Artists who want to expand their portfolio to working on more fashion shows as part of a team. From research to execution of a look... you can use this category to your advantage if you have goals of working in fashion, impressing head makeup artists, love the idea of designing a makeup for a designer that you love... or for the sheer LOVE. Yesterday I posted about The Real Modern Bride and asked why on earth would you put yourself into a competition and go under all that pressure voluntarily!? 

If you are serious about working on fashion shows... or even expanding your fashion show experience... this is a perfect avenue for you to take a step forward in that direction.

T I P ...

Use these competitions to your best advantage. Document your entire process and your look and use it to promote your craft. Take quality photos and use them on social media. SHOW makeup artists who you would like to assist. Use this opportunity to throw yourself into one of the only experiences that isn't a fashion show yet will give you a taste of the pressure and noise of a fashion show. You can't get that kind of valuable experience practicing at home.

in my eyes... entering a competition such as this shows initiative that you are building your own doors of opportunity for the areas you want to work in. 

It has nothing to do with winning. 

(Yet... to win is incredible! And judging by last years prizes... if you're coming from interstate don't think you'll be able to return home with checkin luggage only.)

click on image to read more about Penny Antuars experience at New York Fashion Week...

click on image to read more about Penny Antuars experience at New York Fashion Week...

Fashion is all about being on trend with your makeup looks as well as designing a makeup that will be part of a 'whole' vision.

I have chosen some videos of inspiration for you for various reasons. One - generally I think they are bloody beautiful and need to be seen again. Secondly - there will be things said in these videos I find truly valuable. Thirdly - What an excuse to spend the afternoon revisiting amazing shows or getting a glimpse of what went on backstage.

Let's start with Peter Philips in 2013. Not only is this a stunning glitter eye for Chanel... but I really love the way he describes where he got his inspiration from. When you are starting out and haven't any experience in fashion shows it's easy to have a preconceived idea that the Fashion Designer might dictate exactly what they want... or that the makeup look needs to be signed off well before the show. This isn't always the case and Peter Philips demonstrates this in this video.

I do realise that this next video is quite old. But I'm not someone to only watch recent work. If you haven't been backstage before... this video is such a gorgeous montage of Pat McGrath working and you get to see such a variety of looks from nude and structural to the caricature beauty of a John Galliano show.  You can also hear her and some of the designers describe how the look was arrived at and even be introduced to how Americans pronounce taupe. (Australians say 'toorp' and Americans say 'toap' as in soap with a T)

I have included the next two videos (even though they feel like Dior commercials)... Peter Philips explains his inspiration as well as how the look was influenced by the embroidery in the collection or the styling. When you are designing you makeup look... do you research on your chosen designer and try and watch as many shows they have done as possible. It might be the collection that inspires the look... or the feel of the show... or a character the designer is trying to create. Sometimes the inspiration is so simple as you will see in the second video

Sometimes the makeup design is the complete opposite to what your first idea might be. For example the Marc Jacobs show as designed by Diane Kendal. After seeing the collection that is so full of colour... it's wonderful to see the juxtaposition of a 'no colour' makeup. How many of artists would love to put colour on that face? This is beautiful! Also listen out for the reference to the 90s.

Another opposite here with Chanel Spring/Summer Ready to wear. I don't know about you, but when I think of Chanel I don't instantly think of pop colour. Think again...

Let your imaginations run wild for your entry. And even if you aren't entering the Face2Face Makeup Awards... I hope this post inspired you into that creative space of yours where you start dreaming up makeup projects to fulfill your soul.

Read the tips from the Creative Makeup post released yesterday if you have any reservations about doing an entry on a budget, or not being able to find a model. Money is no barrier if you think creatively and give yourself the time to think how to make your entry look the best on next to no money. I've made complete outfits from 3meters of fabric before with borrowed accessories for a grand budget of $20.

And just sometimes... the creative process with no budget inspires greatness.

For now... let me leave you with a couple of videos that I think will inspire any aesthetic taste. Again... I apologise for the time you are about to spend going down the rabbit hole of inspirational imagery. But your creative soul will be enriched... so, maybe I'll instantly take that apology back.

enjoy x

(and make sure you watch that last video)

And finally... you might love this.


In fact I'm SURE you will love this.


There are no words for how amazing this is.


*cough cough... Val Garland and Terry Barber talking about a decade of Alexander McQueen shows...