Body Art – My Own Fairy-tale

CATEGORY DEFINITION Create a full body paint that tells a fairy-tale you wish existed for the new generation of children growing up in today’s world.

Most of us grew up on Fairytales involving evil witches, child eating wolves and Princes who save the damsel in distress with just one kiss and make her into a Princess...

and they lived happily ever after.

A Fairytale is  'A children's story about magical and imaginary beings and lands; a fairy story'... but in a modern climate where inclusivity, equal rights and gender norms are topics up for debate on the humanity table... are they old fashioned and outdated? Have Fairytales finally become irrelevant?

This year for the Body Art category for the Face2Face Makeup Awards Artists are invited to create a modern word fairytale and tell the story through the art of Body Painting - A Fairytale that will inspire the new generation of children who are growing up in an ever changing world.

Begone tales of helpless women who can only be rescued by a handsome prince!

Begone tales where men need to be the tough ones to fight away monsters and tricksters!

Begone tales of childless women who are witches!

Begone tales where witches are bad!

and so on and so on...


The question is open to you..

what Fairytale do you wish the modern child could grow up knowing and dreaming about?



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There is no right or wrong way to do this category. If you are entering... you already know what it takes to create a body paint piece. Keep in mind there are only 6 hours... so if you can create a costume for the hips section, pre prepare a wig and other accessories that you wont have to think about... this will help you on the day.

Some other pieces of information that will be helpful for you:

- The competition floor opens for all categories an hour before... which means 730am on Sunday 9th Sept. No coffee outlets are generally open in the expo area until about 9ish (from memory) so come with your coffee!

- There are heaters provided for everyone to share... but you are welcome to bring small floor heaters for your models feet. Just bring a towel or mat for it to rest on if you are using a plastic drop sheet.

- Every year our floor plan changes... so unsure how close or far we are from the bathrooms... but bring thongs and a robe for your model to use during competition time should they want to use the restrooms.

- The rules say no food on the competition floor... however I highly recommend snacks you can keep under your competition table to keep blood sugars good. Also make sure you have plenty to drink and look after yourself.

- Judges LOVE a well thought out story as much as good application skills. Spend your time getting your fairytale right and have it on your mood board easy to read. Don't make it too complicated... but make it a story that you think would be a good inspirational story for a toddler in today's world.

- Bring a good camera (and a friend attached to that camera) for your own documentation of your creations! The more content you can create for yourself the better. There are official photos every year too... but the behind the scenes pics are great for your blogs/instagram/facebook. As I have mentioned in all my other tips posts... entering competitions such as this isn't really about who wins... it's about your exposure to your clients that you can reach out about after. It's also about speaking with judges and getting the feedback/making connections that help you grow as an artist! You can stay at the expo until closing time so there is time for photos after as there are also no categories after the body art and creative categories!

- last but not least... have fun with the entire process!!


I wont be at the awards this year as I now live in NYC and can't make it back for Sept... but Trish from Laud Magazine is going to be video phoning me in so I can see what everyone is creating and if the phones work well... might even be able to judge! The body art section is naturally one close to my heart... I can not WAIT to hear all the modern Fairytales!

Have a ball and most of all... milk this opportunity for everything you can and I'd love to see this translate into paid work for you all if you use it right!

B x

A little light entertainment to get you in the mood ha ha ha

New Beauty x

New Beauty x