Are you ready to be U N L E A S H E D?

Are you ready to be U N L E A S H E D?

Have you heard?

LAUD Magazine has a new project! And I’m bloody excited.

On 7th September there was a NYC Americano coffee for me at midnight to help stay awake until 2am, as I was to be streamed live via Messenger Video to the Beauty Expo Australia to join Trish Lee (LAUDs fearless leader) on stage to announce U N L E A S H E D.

LAUD Magazine was created for the artists of Australia (and now globally) as a print forum with the focus on the art of what we do and publishing work based on talent alone. A publication created by artists for the pure intent to support and LAUD artists. Hence the sexy name that has a deeper meaning. Pronounced ‘lord’ not ‘loud’.


LAUD is now at the point where our family is getting so big and beautiful that we need to extend our home to accommodate us all. (At least… thats how I like to see it.)


LAUD Unleashed is our new, bi-annual print edition - a home for our most imaginative and creative artists.

A home where there is no box to fit into.

A home where there are no creative limits.

I join co-editors Ben Dniprowskij, Martin Bray and of course, Trish Lee… in creating this print edition Art Exhibition.

I can’t think of another time I would rather be living than right now.

I know the present world is full of uncertainty and fear, especially politically, and with the world grappling with trying to maintain country borders and laws at the expense of human rights and peoples lives. Technology and social media lets us see more of what’s going on in the world more than ever before and I am loving this fact. We could focus on all the bad we see in the world… or with the world becoming so much more transparent than before thanks to social media, technology and peoples courage… we can choose to focus on all the good coming from this new world. Pop culture and social norms seem to be dissolving into the rising broader spectrum of humanity like we haven’t seen before. The colourful reality of the world is coming through and finally being exposed/introduced; I feel like we are discovering pockets of humanity unseen to many of us before and I am so bloody thrilled to see the ‘normal’ templates of the world vanishing. It’s up to us to learn about our world and be fascinated - not to judge against our own invisible template of our life or the way in which we might see the world. People aren’t telling their truths to be judged and assessed - their point id for their own personal freedoms and so we can start evolving the world to be understanding, respectful and inclusive without the wars (Physical and emotional). At least, that’s how I see it. Now more of humanity can start contributing to the dream of what we want the future world to be like - and boy, let’s put all our good joo joo into it being wonderful and inclusive.

A social shift is happening - Shifts are happening amongst women fighting for equality and standing up to behaviour and standards by men in the past .

Shifts are happening with the conversation the world is having around gender binaries and sexual orientations.

Shifts are happening with exposure of corporations and companies bad environmental and ethics practices.

The world is learning again that the power is in the masses not always in the ’leaders’. This evolution is also happening online with a flood of creative hair and makeup over the past couple of years become more and more popular, accepted and embraced.

Soon the beauty template will be dead and that can’t come soon enough.

We are creating LAUD Unleashed as a direct response to the way the world is evolving. And if you are an Australian Makeup or Hair Artist, you will know all too well that there are very few publications that will celebrate the kind of creative work some of us have inside of us waiting to be made. Our ‘creative’ work can be cut from shoots… or put at the end of your portfolio to not scare the ‘clean skin smokey eye’ clients that pay our bills (we love you but you don’t feed our creative souls). I certainly know first hand what the reality of being a creative living and working in Australia is like. Being saved ‘for best’… or a suitable job. The Australian industry isn’t really set up to be supportive to ‘creatives’ - Until now! And I KNOW this will benefit artists globally who are in the same kind of industry.

creatives - welcome to your new home.

We recognise the need for a project dedicated to the creative side of our work because of the amount of work already being submitted to Laud. All editors of this project feel very passionate about this space and none more so than Trish - Our industry’s fairy godmother that climbs mountains to independently disrupt the industry through hard work, tenacity, focus and resilience to create a legacy for the nation, and the worlds, creative community.

This is my formal invitation to all creatives out there::

laud unleashed is now open for submissions

The LAUD Unleashed manifesto and themes are now available on the Laud website (Laud website)

All shoots will be published with your description of the inspiration for your shoot the same as you would get when visiting a gallery.

It’s time for you to Unleash your inner artist and have your voice be heard.

The first theme is:

What will be your love letter to the past?

. . . . . . . . . .

What are your dreams of the future?

. . . . . . . . . .

Let your creative juices flow free!

Be bold, be colourful, the beauty template does not exist in this house.

ALL information on how to submit, what the requirements are and deadlines are on the LAUD website

Follow @laud_unleashed on instagram - posting starts soon!

I can’t wait to see what you create!



Beauty Expo Special!

Beauty Expo Special!