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"Making room for the future of my career..."

If you’ve visited my blog before, you have probably noticed it’s looking a bit different. I’m making the site cleaner and ready for the future!

There are new things coming for me… and it’s exciting as well as a bit daunting because ‘here I go again’ with following my guts down a creative rabbit hole… but that’s what being an artist is all about, isn’t it? “ISN’T IT?” she nervously asks the universe looking for reassurance…

Sitting on the edge of change and anticipating leaps of faith internally is never easy… ESPECIALLY when you already know they can turn around and bite you on your bum and there’s a risk of falling flat on your face. I’ve been there, done that more often than any ‘success’ and these spectacular fails have occurred so many times you’d think I would be used to it now.

But I believe my guts are worth listening to.

I believe the silver linings of the past are what has bought me to this unique place and I will forever be grateful for everything I have experienced.

I believe creating with inner purpose is the only way to live a fulfilling creative career.

I believe I have something interesting, inspiring and valid to share.

I believe there’s change in the air and so many artists are here for it.

I believe in the saying:

If not now, when?

If not you, who?

I believe in inspiring and making change in the corner of your own world.

I believe positive change is worth spending my energy on.

I believe change has a sense of urgency to it.

I believe Makeup Artists can change the corner of our world for good.

I believe Makeup Artists can start by looking after themselves as Artists more often… Body, Mind and Soul.

I believe this type of artistry for me is calling… and maybe I have no say in the matter anymore.

I believe I can do it.

Exciting times!

As you see the new work slowly roll out here and on my socials, just know, the ideas are the easy part… it’s breaking through my own inner dialogue of doubt and fear that’s the hard part! That part never seems to go away and some nights I can’t sleep for worry about shifting a few areas of focus in my work. Especially when the experience of projects in the past has been riddled with drama that seemed to outweigh the good. But with those years of roller coaster rides came the gift of new skills, experiences and wisdom that has only flavoured my artist skill set into a tasty dish. AND IT’S TIME TO SERVE DINNER! I can’t be the artist to constantly be talking about ‘creating a new dialogue in your mind’ about who you are as an artist, Following your heart, Taking mindful actions to create the world you want for yourself… and then not ACTUALLY do it for my own career. Even if that means doing things outside of the ‘makeup artist’ box.

In short… doing my artist self-care work and moving to NYC in 2018 opened up a whole new world for me in realising what makes me tick and what work I’m gravitating towards - Where I want to spend my energies and what kind of artist I want to be. And it has come in a form I WAS NOT EXPECTING and possibly my anxieties have come from realising exactly what I should be doing and being slightly afraid of it all. But it feels like my life has come full circle and I’m about to start doing what I’ve always wanted to do since I was a teenager… so I think the anxieties are my teenage anxieties floating to the surface and it feels strange to have to process them now.

O.K. Enough waffling and more action. It will all become clearer after I present at I’m Going to Class In November!! Are you going to be there??? This event is serving as a giant touchstone for my career and I’m having a hard time not making it so significant I’m getting stupidly nervous about it. But there’s no reason to be nervous! I’m presenting the Makeup Artist Retreat to America for the first time on the back of an incredible Australian tour. I KNOW THIS IS THE GOOD SH*T! To be honest… I think I’m nervous about the announcements I’m making during this session above everything. (Which I’ll share with everyone else after this event! I want to talk about the format of the new book… new ideas and also something I think is really bloody cool… just you wait!)

Until then…

Give love to your nows x

I'm Going to Class! November 7, 2019

I'm Going to Class! November 7, 2019

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