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I'm Going to Class! November 7, 2019

I'm Going to Class! November 7, 2019

I am beyond excited to be a part of @imgoingtoclass in Portland in November!

I will be on stage on Friday 7th November to create a 1.5 Hour mini-retreat… And to also make some big announcements about what’s next!! So not only will artists leave feeling like a bunch of A-HA moments have turned on some lights inside them… they will also be shown some practical Brush Bootcamp exercises to try at home AAAND be excited, even surprised (insert any variety of feelings here) about what I will be doing with this next evolution of the book. 

I don’t think anyone will expect what I’m about to do… but after taking a lot of alone time to ponder everything and work on the rewrite… I can’t actually see a better way to play this game we call a ‘career’ without doing what I am announcing. And we ALL WIN by me doing this. That’s my milestone - to follow my heart, my guts and not be afraid of the work & ideas that inspire me… because I know it inspires those around me and then they go on and do amazing things as well - and visa versa. 

Www.imgoingtoclass.com/ - Book your place!

Not in America? Don’t worry… soon after this magical week, I will share with everyone here.

Can’t bloody wait x


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