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Changing of the Guard at LAUD Magazine

Changing of the Guard at LAUD Magazine

November 2018, I resigned from my Editor Role at LAUD Magazine.

This had been a conversation I had been having with the magazines Founder, Trish Lee Geosits, since the beginning of 2018.

I did not publicly announce that I had stepped away from LAUD Magazine as I wanted to find the right timing to prevent any light being taken away from the new issues due out. Stepping away from a passion project that I had contributed to it’s entire life, knowing I now needed to dedicate all my time to my work in New York City, wasn’t easy. Hence why it actually took most of 2018 to get there. Trish dreamed up the idea for LAUD in one of my MUA Bootcamps and I was there the whole way. We had no idea what was ahead of us, but we all passionately and blindly gave our energy to creating something new - a magazine dedicated to the Makeup, Hair and Creative industries to celebrate the breadth and width of Australia’s talent… that also read like a quality fashion magazine.

and LAUD was born into the world

Even when people said it couldn’t be done.

I felt now was the right time to actually tell people I resigned months ago as I know there have been delays with Issue #11 and UNLEASHED. Everyone knows this as it’s a fact. The only reason I didn’t announce my resignation at the time, was to not affect these issues and announce it a month or so after their release. However, in light of these issues still being delayed, questions going unanswered and me feeling like I’m the backup source that everyone is coming to with their unanswered questions… I felt I also need to share what I know.

I know Trish has told people she was taking a step away for a moment to really take care of herself. A lot of people know this, so I know I can share that detail.

I also know many people DON’T know that Trish is an incredibly inspiring woman. She not only controls everything to ultimately do with LAUD, she also runs two other successful businesses, and has done so for years. Her ability to run all 3 businesses almost by herself is a marvel to watch. Oh! And she also freelanced hair, makeup and body art until Laud swallowed a bit of that! Trish is a Cirque Du Soliel level expert at juggling a big life and making it all work. I feel lucky to be witness to such amazingness and I KNOW I could never have learned InDesign and finished my books without her guidance and tips (even if we did discover a few helpful tricks after spending hours doing things manually. Hello ‘do not hyphenate’ bloody button hidden in that motherflipping side bar )

So! In knowing this… and also knowing that the magazine has clearly been delayed AND also knowing a lot of people know that was Trish taking time away (I’m sure she is still squeezing some form of work in)… the fact that emails, yes even my own, are going unanswered, and the magazines are delayed, just tells me Trish has a very good reason.

No, I do not know the definitive reason.

I never want anyone attributing my resignation to be anything to do with these delays. I still love LAUD and am also anticipating some answers, some publications and a bright future for such an awesome magazine.

I just needed to let you know I resigned back just after these issues met their deadlines and I’ve been out of the loop of the inner workings of the magazine.

So, thanks everyone. Now you know what I know.

Let’s just spend our energy on good juju for Trish and the mag… and full support for everything that she is dealing with. It’s hard for everyone.

B x

Now you know I have stepped down, I wanted to share with you some of my favourite works I have created for LAUD to date. (or should I say, was bravely trusted in creating) That’s even without including the articles I’ve written that are all so close to my heart. Interviews with incredible artists like Andrew Gallimore, Dotti, Alexa Meade, Terry Barber, Michael Key, Ben Hassett, Pati Dubroff (to name a few)… and my favourite, a retrospect on Richard Sharah. Thanks to LAUD, I was able to realise my dream of pretending to be a writer (Says the girl who has two books) and chat with so many incredible people.

Much love.

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