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Shade #2 - Fresh Mindfulness

Shade #2 - Fresh Mindfulness

The second shade in The Palette of Essential Ideas!

FEATURES - Packed with though provoking and self reflecting activities for every day use.

BENEFITS - This is the part of The Makeup Mindset that fellow MUA’s are calling the game changer.

There are times in ‘The Makeup Mindset’ where we get real. Like... proper makeup artist real talk. It’s not always comfortable however it’s always valuable. This is the part of the course that other makeup artists are referring to as the ‘secret weapon’ in enhancing their work.

What we do is we go exploring around the state your Artist Mindset is in right now... then we shift the focus from listening to any of your inner critic’s opinions instead focusing on beliefs and ideas that will have you being your own version a makeup artist you want to be - in as many of your nows as possible.

This ultimate form of self love can, and will, move mountains.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself.

Life is about creating yourself”

- George Bernard Shaw -

Those who have read the former version of this work, The Makeup Artist Bootcamp, already know my story of how freshening up my mind saved my career… but for those who don’t know… let me explain a little.

A few years into my Makeup career, I had been an artist long enough to feel comfortable in my skills and had many dreams for the future. Yet, when I looked at my REALITY, I was slowly getting discouraged and demotivated. I didn’t realise that my optimism was slowly diminishing and thought I should have ‘made it’ by then (what ever ‘making it’ means). I started to secretly think not only that my dreams were really impossibilities, but my overthinking nature would also think really awful thoughts about who I was as an artist, as a person… and was slowly killing off any chance of the good stuff happening. I was so focused on why my life and career was doomed I was missing the opportunity to be putting that energy into beneficial things. Almost a decade into my career… I thought I was too old, too fat, too ridiculous in ideas, not cool enough, not edgy enough, not “_____ enough” x 100000000 to be a successful Makeup Artist. From the outside, I looked like I had it all together and was on an upwards trajectory… but on the inside, my mind felt like a jungle of bad thoughts and beliefs - basically the full spectrum of crap beliefs one person can have about themselves and their artistry. If my career was a garden… the soil was dry and becoming poor in nutrients. Indulging in my negative thoughts was the equivalent of “eating because I’m sad and sad because I’m eating”.

Once I learnt to stop, take a moment and have a deliberate look at my beliefs about myself as an artist… I was blown away by how awful I was being! My thoughts were so mean! AND THERE WERE SO MANY OF THEM! Once I learnt to become mindful and present to my thoughts and beliefs… then fed myself nutrient rich thoughts whenever I remembered to…. within three months… I went from feeling like a shriveled up shell of a stressed artist - to directing my first show at Sydney Fashion Week. That was quite an achievement for an independent Makeup Artist living on the Gold Coast, Australia and all it took for me was to look after myself and step out of my comfort zone with that positive mindset.

Fast Forward to now (10 years later… and 10 years of mindset practice)… I have experienced more milestones than I ever dreamed possible for myself… and often have to pinch myself when working towards NEW milestones I have for my career because Becca back in the old days would have accused you of being drunk if you told her THIS is what I’d be doing a decade on. I also would have though the same if you had told me who I was able to be BEING as well. I wasn’t nervous and anxious 100% of the time anymore… I was able to be confident more and more with myself and my abilities. I could public speak too! I have, with practice and deliberate action, become a version of who I always dreamed I could be when I was young… and it’s all thanks to doing this work.

Full disclosure… nothing has been easy. This isn’t a conversation about finding that easy road. Does it even exist??? I get my ass kicked by life as much as the next person… so much so I feel like I’m becoming a professional at it. However… I know what to do for myself in every situation to ensure I’m not only keeping my head above water even in rough seas… but I’m still flourishing the way that feels natural to me. I have less days where all I want to do is curl up on the couch and pretend the world doesn’t exist. I treasure the silver linings, I know every fall makes me a better human and the wins don’t go past without being celebrated. It’s all part of making sure each day is relished so when I’m old and grey… I have a rich experience to remember and I didn’t get old in a hurry from always racing to the ‘next thing’. I’m not perfect at it though. I certainly have my moments because I’m a human being … and the fact that I pick myself up after falling on my face and keep going with as much real talk and positive energy for myself as possible, is the reason why I can love my life right now… in all it’s imperfection. The Makeup Mindset isn’t about seeking perfection its about seeking balance.

I LOVE sharing what I know with other artists as I now watch them do unbelievable things with their own career. I LOVE starting these kinds of conversations as we all learn so much about ourselves and each other in these moments. THIS is why I keep putting energy into creating this education and experience… because I believe it’s bigger than me and has become something memorable for the artists who have been a part of it already. Knowing that what I’m interested in for myself is beneficial for others too, drives me. How could I NOT want to put my energy into this? I feel this education is even more important than curating your brush collection.

I will never claim to be a master of these ideas… but being part of these conversations might be one of my favourite things about my 19 year career so far.

I can’t wait to launch the new edition of the book!

B x

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