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'The Palette of Essential Ideas' Shade One - Artists Retreat

'The Palette of Essential Ideas' Shade One - Artists Retreat

In the new edition of The Makeup Mindset, there are 90+ topics of conversation & activities to help you make sense of and flourish in your career. These can be applied to any type of career at any point and are tried and tested effective self-mentoring tools. I have grouped these philosophies and exercises into six main groups of focus. Don’t be overwhelmed by the number of philosophies and exercises, in a Makeup Mindset Retreat we cover the fundamental ideas and then send you home with the entire collection, inspired to explore the The Makeup Mindset as you continue on with your Makeup Artistry Career.

In no particular order, these six eye-shadow colours in the ‘Palette of Essential Ideas’ represent the six areas of focus in The Makeup Mindsetstarting with the colour that shares the name of the live courses:


Part of The Makeup Mindset is to highlight the importance of taking time out for yourself in regular intervals so you can take a quick break, focus on what’s been going on in your career and what you would like to get up to next… with a relaxed and optimistic mindset and void of distractions. This does not mean we are trying to create ‘perfect worlds’ for ourselves - because the pursuit of perfection only results in anxiety when done without awareness.

The Makeup Mindset believes in

the pursuit of balance over the pursuit of perfection.

The new book contains a number of old and new activities you can use for yourself during a regular “Retreat”. Activities that remind you to make sure you are spending your energy in areas that are supportive of the career you are creating for yourself. And please understand… if a Retreat for you today looks like sticking headphones in your ears and going for a walk to clear your head to your favourite kind of music… then The M.M. is here to change the context from stressing that you’re ‘procrastinating again’… to support you relaxing into the understanding you are doing what you need to do to nurture yourself as an artist. A makeup career isn’t a race, it’s a portfolio of experiences and creativity… so looking after yourself as an artist and your artistic needs is one of the most essential thing you can do for your career.

FEATURE - The Makeup Mindset is the Pursuit of Balance using deliberate attention.

It’s all good and well to get inspired by the time you go to bed with that tingly feeling of ‘anything is possible’ after spending time with these exercises... But when you wake up the next morning, your default settings make it so easy to forget all the internal freedom you felt yesterday.

BENEFIT - The Makeup Mindset helps keep the inspiration alive on a daily basis allowing you to enjoy as many ‘nows’ as possible whilst breathing life into activities that will grow milestones for you in many future ‘nows’.

Let’s have some real talk..

In the first edition, Makeup Artist Bootcamp, artists had monthly and annual ‘Production Meetings’ with themselves (and sometimes as groups) to keep the ideas alive throughout their career. I eventually realised that for ambitious introverts like myself, calling ‘time out to replenish myself and to work on my career and mindset’ sounded much more gentle and appealing if called a RETREAT. Who was I even kidding calling our time out something that sounded a lot like just another to-do on our work list?

Production Meetings are out - Retreats are in!

An ARTIST RETREAT sounded like something I would be much more inclined to look forward to and actually do for myself on a regular basis… because my own ‘production meetings’ resemble a retreat anyway. They feel less like the work that a production meeting suggests… and more like something I really enjoy doing. As part of the redesign… I am calling it what it really is - time out to regroup and replenish yourself as a makeup artist.


Because the more I practiced something different to what I was doing when I felt miserable deep down as a MUA, (doing all the things I thought I was supposed to be doing and ignoring my guts in fear of getting something wrong)… the more I realised taking time to retreat was actually turning everything around for me. Ironically… the more time I spent away from ‘frantically trying to produce results’ in my career and more time nurturing my own needs… the more exciting and memorable career moments I was having whilst career anxiety was minimising. The more I shared this idea with fellow artists… the more I was realising it’s something essential for EVERY artist.. yet some of us are better at it than others.

They don’t teach you that bit at Makeup School.

We spend so much of our time looking after the needs of others as part of our job description that finding time to regroup and replenish ourselves so we don’t burn out is actually essential for career longevity. Replenishment can come in many forms and works differently for everyone… so you wont be shown a ‘one size fits all’ kind of retreat… it’s all about being mindful of what REALLY works for you.

The Makeup Mindset isn’t a course that you attend, learn a bunch of cool techniques & leave with a certificate in your hand. There is no certificate at the end… no piece of 300 gsm weight paper saying you were present in the room can be as near as exciting as being supported in your search for finding what makes you feel good on the inside for the good of your beautiful art career.

Here’s another metaphor we use in The Makeup Mindset - If our careers are like gardens (with each plant being a job, a skill, an experience or a milestone) - A garden that has been given no deliberate attention can easily turn into an overgrow, wild jungle of weeds and random growth over time. In The Makeup Mindset we explore ways to care for, water, weed, plant, grow and nurture your garden to your own design… so you can go and earn your living helping others grow their own career garden, having everything we need to be our best MUA selves in those moments. Isn’t that our job? Doing makeup for projects that are part of clients realising career/life milestones themselves? Brides on their wedding day or actors/models working their talents for directors, photographers and producers growing their own career gardens? We aren’t so much strictly ‘controlling the garden’… we are nurturing the type of garden we want to create into being instead of letting it do it’s own thing and seeing what you end up with.

In The M.M. we just take a look at the state of your garden and make sure it isn’t resembling a vacant lot with a half collapsed billboard up the back, overgrown with weeds and home to a family of rodents. I’m pretty sure mine got to that state at one or two points of my career… about 9 years in was peak weed jungle with bits of torn plastic blowing in the breeze. Luckily I learnt over time how to look after the garden… and that’s part of what I like talking about with other artists - the art of gardening.

Having regular ‘Retreats’ is really like spending time in your private corner of your career garden that represents your personal needs and wants, nurturing that area whilst looking over to the career part of your garden, pondering what you can do next to look after that side. It’s a win-win activity.

Yes… I just used the metaphor of a career as a garden inside the metaphor of an eye shadow representing essential art practices. Makes total sense to me!

The Makeup Mindset Philosophy #1

If you don’t tend to your own garden… how are you going to be at your fullest whilst working with others in theirs?

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The Art of Searching for Somewhere to Comfortably Stand.

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