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The Anonymous Artist - The Beginning

The Anonymous Artist - The Beginning

On May 1st this year… I guest spoke at the Make-up Designory School (MUD) in NYC. I love these sessions as not only do I get to discuss topics I could talk about for hours (the subject of being a makeup artist… hence entertaining my passion through The Makeup Mindset), I have the chance to keep in touch with the next generation of artists being born into the world. It’s been 19 years since I was in Makeup School myself and almost 10 since I used to teach a Diploma of Makeup back in Australia, and as I only really teach established artists now… I feel this is just as important for me as it is fun for us all (I hope anyway!)

The morning of my talk… I had a thought. The previous day I learnt about Post Secret - an ongoing community art project where people can post their secrets on a postcard and they will be published anonymously on the website and in exhibitions. I looooved this idea and can’t wait to go visit the exhibition.

That morning I wondered what it would be like to hand out paper to the MUD students and ask them to anonymously answer the 3 questions in which I could address for them during my talk. The act of anonymously asking a question and it being answered excited me as a concept for this talk.

This was the slide I made quickly before I left…

the beginning.JPG

They were all up for it and scribbled away… some writing a lot and some only a little.

I ended up talking so much we ran out of time to answer any questions… but I promised the students that I would answer everything here on my website.

Once I got home… I realised that asking questions and telling stories anonymously in the Makeup World isn’t something you can’t really do in the current social media world where life transparency is the new black. So here we are.

I decided to created this experiment purely out of curiosity to see what will happen.

I don’t know where this will go and have no grand plans… I just want to see what unfolds and can be discovered about the secret state of our makeup artist world.

I HOPE The Anonymous Artist can be something positive for the Makeup Industry and useful for those artists who feel alone in talking about what they REALLY want to talk about, admit, or ask … but afraid of the repercussions of speaking out. Social media is a beautiful, wonderful platform for our industry (mostly) BUT I see there can be an invisible pressure to be perfect and AMAZING all of the time - Some artists feel it more then others. Some of us, at times, have no one around us who can relate fully to our world, who we can also be vulnerable with and talk/ask about things when we are puzzled about, worried about or feel a little lost as we navigate this sometimes wild arena of ‘Makeup Artistry’. And I KNOW everyone has something they want to admit or talk about as I hear them all the time in The Makeup Mindset. Generally the way it goes in The M.M., is someone will get the courage to talk about something that has been bothering them or worries them as an artist… and thinks they are the ONLY ONE who has these thoughts as they nervously get the words out during the session… then 100% of the time there is at least one person in the room who can relate and/or has been though a similar thing. This is how support has been happening in the Makeup Mindset environment and how artists who engage with the M.M. get lifted up by their peers. By creating safe non-judgemental spaces for artists to talk openly.

Makeup Artists are ARTISTS and we need to care for ourselves accordingly. I am surprised I haven’t thought about creating this anonymous space before!

I think this might be a wonderful and interesting outlet and might even use it for myself for my own use! You would never know! HA!

This space is OURS as Makeup Artists and I’m excited to invite you in for some open real-talk.

I will leave the space open for community comments… but ANY trolls will be removed from the party. This is a safe and supportive space ALWAYS. If you feel tempted to be a troll… write your trolling comments as an anonymous artist and we might, as a community, be able to talk you through whatever it is that is giving you the troll urges. We love you too x

Right! Let’s go!

B x

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