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2019 Face2Face Makeup Award Themes are IN!

2019 Face2Face Makeup Award Themes are IN!

I am not entirely sure when this ACTUALLY happened… but it’s just been bought to my attention that the FACE2FACE MAKEUP AWARDS ARE OPEN FOR ENTRIES!!!!

This also means the themes are OUT and I can finally talk about them!

In which I will… here… soon x

For now… here is the link:

And please feel free to email me at any time about any creative questions (please read the brochure first to see if your question is answered there)

And if you would prefer to remain anonymous… please use my Anonymous Artist Service! ha!

I will, of course, break each category down for you here in the coming days… Just now, I’m up to my elbows in a deep essential to-do list for The Makeup Artist Retreats in OZ also in August! You’ll notice too the official name has changed AGAIN because of this current writing process and the choices I’ve made! Can you even keep up? ha ha ha! (I think I’m on my 4th name change in 5 years for those who don’t know.) I WILL talk about why this has happened soon… because it’s part of an exercise I’m practicing for myself - all about me rolling with the evolution of the course/writing process and not worrying about what other people think too much… or what my own inner critic has to say about it all. That critic is the WORST! And for me It’s not just my course thats opening up and evolving… it’s also evolving where I want to now spend my energies. EVERYTHING is evolving! I don’t think I am alone in this either.

It will be a fun conversation to have as it’s the real beginning of the new work for the Retreats, and also the beginning of new things for my career. I’ll be writing more here now as I’ve finally realised being completely transparent as an artist publically, is embraced in today’s day and age (for the most part). I’ve always been this transparent about what’s going on for me naturally in person (just ask my friends who might have been trapped in a conversation with me about something I care about ha ha ha)… but I also come from a generation and culture where you weren’t really encouraged to venture outside the cultural box, be a bit ‘different’ or at least be as open as I naturally am. I’m unlearning to censor my voice as much as I have been. For those outside Australia, there’s a cultural thing called ‘the tall poppy syndrome’ in Australia that is a cultural habit that can be traced back to the convict era… where self policing loud or ‘out of line behaviour’ amongst the convicts to avoid harsh punishment became a behaviour and that travels through generations to this day. I’m sure similar behavior exists amongst other people who are descendants of a prisoner or slavery culture. And it’s not always obvious and doesn’t come from any one direction… but it’s still there in a lot of peoples blind spots as we never really question it. I see it even clearer now I’m away from Australia. So for me to FINALLY get the courage to write about all the things I’ve actually ALWAYS wanted to write and talk about now, in my 40s, is a case of better late than never for me. My metaphorical balls are growing and I’m out here doing the work for myself in all the things I talk about in The Makeup Artist Retreat. Wait. That’s a terrible phrase to use! Courage doesn’t exclusively exist in the masculine! Let’s say rather, my own courage is growing bigger now than any of my own fears that have stopped me in the past because I’m deliberately doing something about it. That’s a better way to say it. Gosh. Some phrases we still use need to go don’t they! (Don’t even start me about the old phrase “Chinese Whispers”)

For those who aren’t in the loop about my course + book… I moved to NYC last year after finally rolling out my book (Makeup Artist Bootcamp) + the first few issues of Laud Magazine in Australia. I had the amazing opportunity to move here fall in my lap ( even though I was secretly shitting my pants at the decision. It was a BALLSY move to shift countries in my 40s, as a single, unrepresented freelance MUA. I felt like a lone cowboy in my own life ha! ) I always intended to write the next book and the next course for those who want more… because so did I. I bloody LOVE what we get up to in these courses and what happens after for the artists who do it. It’s new, it’s outside the box in it’s thinking… and it’s lighting fires inside artists who get what it’s all about … and are taking that information and RUNNING into magical career experiences they’ve created for themselves. And there are also subtle and wonderful movement for others too… but that’s what it’s all about… creating movement in areas you care about at your own career momentum. And I can’t get enough of it. I have the best seat in the house to watch it all play out!

I also practice what I preach in a big way… and after I settled a little into NYC life … I started work on the second book… I HAVE SO MUCH TO TALK ABOUT! I soon realised that I could shuffle all the new content in with all of with Book One to make a Super Book, instead of a second book. And it’s looking incredible! I’m seeing the sun come up from late night writing and designing more than I ever saw in my clubbing days ha ha ha! AND I can’t wait to share it all… I’m oozing with excitement. I’ve pulled Book One Apart… made it less wordy and more visual for those who said there were ‘too many words’ ha ha ha! It was more than once so after being slightly sad face about that feedback as I’d just basically given birth to this first book with the same amount of labour pains… and after my inner critic kept yelling ‘but you can’t learn just from looking at fecking pictures ALONE!’ I got over myself and I NOW HEAR YOU and it’s kind of your fault that YOU’VE CREATED A MONSTER of sleepless nights for me ha ha ha. I’m literally like a pig in shit enjoying every minute of creating this project. It feels right!

I’ve been doing A LOT of listening of late. To others, yes, I take every opinion on for consideration… but most importantly I’m listening to myself more than ever before… and it’s all a bit scary and daunting for me to listen and act on what I really want to spend my energy in my life on as my authentic self wants to do different things than my ego wants to do. And it’s all a bit different and being a natural introvert, being in front of the camera or publically vocal about what I believe in is the biggest scary monster for me left to win over. (I can deal with all the other fears no problem… but this one is just very annoying and persistent and getting in the way of what I want to spend my time on). So the addition of new attentions in my career is daunting for me… but I’m pushing through, doing the work and loving every single minute.

So when I say I create an environment for Face2Face Makeup Awards that’s as fun and supportive as possible… just know I do it for your comfort as much as my own HA! I need this kind of environment to be able to get on stage and speak. There’s always a public speaking fear monster in the background when I go and do these things… but I’m getting really good at taming the fear monster now. I’m giving myself lots of opportunities to practice taming this monster as my desire to create fun things for artists that is meaningful, is greater than my desire to hide because of an irrational fear I have. And it’s getting so much easier after years of practice! I know a lot of people will be surprised by that revelation… (especially because I cheekily KNOW THIS . I asked some people in my circle how I came across to them and if they thought I was introverted or extroverted. I’ll talk about that soon too he he he)… but THIS is one of the reasons I love my education work so much … not only is it one of the most rewarding things I have ever done because of what I see artists do with it after… it helps me do the same in the evolution of my own makeup career. It’s a win-win situation. I get to see other artists doing things that they find scary too… which inspires me do the same for myself. From fears of contacting people to collaborate with… to finally deciding to spend more time on their career… to doing really scary things like enter a competition, or publish their first makeup work online… I am seeing artists conquer all sorts of fears - big and small. The Makeup Artist Retreat isn’t ONLY about fears mind you… it’s just a little part… however, it’s an example of what we talk about in the 2 days. Similar to way the boys talk about ‘fears of being oneself’ in Queer Eye I realised yesterday (Yes… I’m slow to watch the new season… but I’ve had other things to do and I didn’t want to be influenced by their words subconsciously in my writing). So I work hard every year to make the Face2Face Makeup Awards a world that would make me feel comfortable if I was a competing artist as I feel it’s important. I also know how cool the silver linings are trophy or no trophy. Showing up is the prize.

** Let’s just pause for a moment. For those who have been doing makeup for 10+ years… can you even IMAGINE the pressure you would feel as a baby makeup artist showing your work off publically for the first time in 2019! If you weren’t a confidence powerhouse already in your own work… I think it would be terrifying … as you would be embracing and flinching in anticipation for ANY feedback as you are so exposed now! Back in our day (OMG that was my first ‘back in my day’ moment I think) we had the absence of social media so we could evolve our portfolio and our artistry a little more privately than new artists these days. I really feel for new, shy or nervous artists in 2019! Can anyone who relates to this tell me a bit more about that on The Anonymous Artist so we can start talking about it?

ANYWAY! So get ready for me to be more vocal and transparent in my writing and visual dialogue here and on other socials and I hope you get something from what I’m creating. I’m going to spending a lot more time on new and scary things for me until they aren’t either of those things anymore as I think my new attentions are really bloody cool. And at least you know now, if I fall flat on my face, I’ll be open about that too ha ha ha ha!

If you’re scared about entering the Face2Face Makeup Awards … it’s OK. I think it’s pretty natural to be honest. I really do know how you might feel. And I work hard on making you feel at home, making it a bit easier for you do that personal scary thing… and I promise no matter what happens - the effort will be worth it. Whatever silver lining you find in the experience of the competition will take you so many juicy steps forward in your artistry, in a unique way you can’t get from many other situations (AND there’s no client to impress… just yourself… that’s GOLDEN in opportunity for someone trying to evolve their artistry and get more opportunities)… that’s all I care about really. That bit. I love seeing great makeups OF COURSE… but I loooove seeing people doing something for their own artistry that’s growing and stretching themselves in a unique way, in an environment where they have total creative freedom within the brief. NO CLIENT! What an artists DREAM to only have to impress themselves (and the judges but that’s not the point.) ha ha ha!

I’ll break down the categories soon and answer any questions that come through. If I get a popular question, I will answer it here so please message if you have a creative question!

Right. Enough said! I need to get back to changing all the logos I just created after changing the name of the course AGAIN. Thank god I’m doing my own graphic design!

Hope you love this years themes as much as I do xxxx

BIG Face2Face Makeup Awards News!

BIG Face2Face Makeup Awards News!

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