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BIG Face2Face Makeup Awards News!

BIG Face2Face Makeup Awards News!

It’s just over a month until I’m back in Australia for the Face2Face Makeup Awards again for another year!

Makeup by last years Editorial Photographic category winner Pearlin Bracewell @pearlin_hairmakeupartist

Makeup by last years Editorial Photographic category winner Pearlin Bracewell @pearlin_hairmakeupartist

It’s no secret that I love these awards with my whole heart, as I see it as a chance for Makeup Artists to stretch and evolve their artistry in a way that’s lovingly unique to competing in these awards.

I think this is my 7th or 8th year as Creative Director (I’ve lost track of time) and in 2019… Beauty Expo Australia and I have been putting our heads together to make the awards

even more fun and beneficial for artists!

It’s important to me to create something of real artistic value for Makeup Artists. We spend our entire career giving to others… so myself and The Beauty Expo want the Awards to be a place you can replenish yourself and your artistry in a fun and inclusive environment. I also know how isolating working as a Makeup Artist can be… so why not make the time where we all come together to play with pigments and brushes to push ourselves an inclusive and fambam environment?

Artists supporting Artists is a beautiful thing.


What have we newly created for 2019 for the Face2Face Makeup Awards ??:

  • From this year onwards… the MODERN BRIDE & new FASHION EDITORIAL live categories will BE ONE HOUR in duration! Now you get more time to dive into your creation!

  • You will find some delicious cosmetic changes on the competition floor as well as a dedicated space for you to take some beauty shots of your entry with great lighting! You’ll want to take advantage of this as in 2019…

    I AM PUTTING TOGETHER AN E-MAG post awards that will feature everyone’s work!!

mag cover promo-01.jpg

I’m really excited to create this Annual Magazine! I know that this might be one of the first times some artists will be published… and tear sheets from this magazine will be amazing for your portfolio! ALL ENTRIES PUBLISHED WITH FULL CREDIT and Live Categories will also be included (you can even submit your own behind the scenes and Expo photos)… and I will be interviewing all judges post awards for their general feedback for your reference for years to come! This will be available for download by the public as well… so you can send your friends and family the link once it is published so no matter where in the world they may be… they can see your amazing work!

Of course… there are some other goodies up our sleeve that we I will announce over the next few weeks! It’s quite hard for me not to tell you EVERYTHING… but there a few things yet to be finalised. x

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Are you an artist who would love to one day enter the Photographic Category but don’t even know where to start when considering putting a Beauty Shoot of your own together?

This year… I have added to my workshop repertoire “My Own Utopia” - an evening class that will take you through from beginning to end… how to be the creative director of your own unique Beauty Shoot.

After 5 years of touring my Makeup Artist Bootcamp (now called The Makeup Artist Retreat)… I have realised a lot of Makeup Artists still don’t realise we can be the Creative Director of our own portfolios and create our own beauty visions - or simply just have no idea how to even BEGIN. I believe creating your own Makeup shoot visions is ESSENTIAL career play if you want to be your own kind of artist. I still do this for my own career 19 years in and design the Editorial category of the Face2Face Makeup Awards in a way that allows you a certain freedom to come up with whatever makes your heart sing and move that Portfolio of yours forward in the direction you want it to go.

In this evening session… I will take you through the process I use for myself in my own work… from initial idea and inspiration through to casting, team building and execution! I’ll also be doing a makeup demonstration that I want to turn into my own Beauty Shoot! I’ll be working with the 2019 Beauty Editorial Theme in each state… and have designed this look & learn to hopefully leave you with enough clarity, inspiration and knowledge to go and do something about those Makeup dreams of yours.

Visit my website for more details x

More announcements and hints/tips coming soon!

Becca xxx

Have you entered to win The Golden Ticket??

Have you entered to win The Golden Ticket??

2019 Face2Face Makeup Award Themes are IN!

2019 Face2Face Makeup Award Themes are IN!