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"Some conversations are more important than lining ones pockets...."

Surprise! I made some exciting changes today to my Australian Tour.

I’ve been so excited about the next edition of my book ‘The Makeup Artist Retreat’ that I have been inviting artists who have already attended a MUA Bootcamp (the first edition name) and also some dear MUA friends. After thinking about it for a while… I thought ‘why not make the whole night free for anyone who wants to come?’

I have done this once before on tour… and EVERY session someone came up to me and told me how much they needed to hear what we talked about that night.

So I’m refunding those who paid and making tickets available for free to the first artists who book in.

No I haven’t gone crazy… I’ve got my vision set on the bigger picture for myself… and I truly believe the conversations in these sessions are bigger and more important than lining my pockets. All my expenses covered with the two day retreats so what do I have to lose? 3 hours of my time talking about topics I am passionate about? That’s no loss… that’s a big picture win for me!


You are invited as my guest to my Mini Makeup Artist Retreat!


Yes… artists can book into my 2 day retreat after this evening but that is not why I’m doing these free sessions. It’s just a piece of it.

In a modern and ever changing, LOUD industry… our own artist well being and inner confidence in what we are spending our energies on has never been more important… I love spending my time supporting positive mindset and ways to powerfully evolve as an artist in healthy ways! By 2020 my motivations will make even more sense if you’re still scratching your head as to why on earth I would create free sessions. The way I see it …is the more sessions like this that I do… The more artists I will get to engage with about these topics that I’m so passionate and curious about! I benefit too! Also… the new edition has me so excited I can’t wait to hear everyone’s feedback!

There are A LOT of changes coming from my corner of the world and this will just enhance what I’m doing.

I also don’t believe in making positive culture conversations exclusive only to those who can afford to attend events like these. I know what it’s like to have no budget for fun, beneficial and replenishing events… THAT’s why I want to open the Mini Evening Retreats up to all for no charge… the topics are more important than lining my own pockets … and anyway, abundance returns to me in other ways and it’s a beautiful way for me to give back to the Makeup Community. I really believe in everything I’m doing here. I wouldn’t have the life I have now if it weren’t for all I share in the MUA Retreat. I know this is also the case for other artists who have done the first edition!

I must stress though… tickets are very limited due to location size!

I’d love to thank AACM and KRYOLAN for their amazing support and helping make all this possible.

See you soon Australia!!

** If you can’t make it or get tickets… I will be back in 2020 for a full Australian Tour! Around the same time in 2020 (I might even get to open dates over the next few weeks)



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