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Creative Makeup – “The category is: Drag, Darling!”


CATEGORY DEFINITION Drag has never seen such popularity in the world as it’s experiencing right now. With RuPaul creating a legacy with his show ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’, you’re invited to create your very own entrant for Season 11.

There was no question in my mind that 2018 was the year for Drag to be the theme for the Creative Makeup category.  RuPaul's Drag Race  is one of life's many pleasures and I can't imagine this world without it! One of the first things I did when I moved to NYC was head over to a Drag Race hosted night at a bar for the start of season 10.

There is no surprise this is an Emmy award winning show.

 RuPaul's Drag Race isn't just about the creativity of drag, nor the hilarious challenges, nor the breathtaking styling... but it's a chance for the world to get a glimpse into the drag world... and not only laugh at the shade these queens throw on each other... but an insight into the diversity and challenges each person has triumphed over in their life to do what they are passionate about. I don't know ANY makeup artist who couldn't relate to some of the stories you hear on this show and it's BLOODY INSPIRING & HILARIOUS. For me, this is the show I can relate to the most as a human even though I'm a straight white Australian woman living in NYC. I'm also a creative who can't deny it. Who is often misunderstood and who earns money basically to pay bills and put into the next creative project.

“Drag is so much more than gay men dressing up as women. It’s about creating space and creating validity for people who want to express gender differently and by their own rules. And drag queens, drag kings, need to be at the forefront of pushing for rights and protections and safe spaces for the entire spectrum of gender non-conforming and trans people.”
— Sasha Velour

I CAN NOT WAIT to see what you all create for this years Face2Face Awards in Creative Makeup. And if anything... what an excuse to have to sit down and watch endless episodes of  RuPaul's Drag Race. I'm pretty sure this theme tops all creative themes as what type of makeup exists that doesn't push the boundaries and femininity as much as drag. This will be a challenging yet visually spectacular category and I hope you all have photographer friends coming to document the entire creative process. 

This category encourages you to create an entrant for season 11. That's the only requirement. The theme of your Drag Queen is entirely up to you and you will not be marked down or up if you are creating this on a friend, and ACTUAL Queen and for the first time in Face2Face history... on yourself! I can't see any reason why a makeup artist/drag queen can't do this on them self for the competition? 

If you haven't yet seen this show... find a way to do it NOW! click here for the website x

If you haven't yet seen this show... find a way to do it NOW! click here for the website x

What this show DOES lack is the empty cheesiness that a lot of reality shows posess. You know what I'm talking about... the kind of reality show where the 'Country's best go head to head' - and the reality is the 'best' aren't even close to being the best. They are people that industry have only slightly heard of and doing the show as a D grade celebrity version of the 'best'. (you all know a show or two like it... ) Drag Race contestants ARE some of the best in the country. Winning the crown IS an honour. We WILL be entertained.

So, Makeup Artists... are you up for the Drag Challenge?

Are you up for pure creativity, contouring, lashes, glitter, liner. precision, personality with maybe a hint of shade?

Entries close for Face2Face Makeup Awards on August 21 - and this category is Sept 9!

As a former Makeup Trainer for Diploma in Makeup... I know what might be making you nervous.

Let's address the elephant in the room.


Luckily for us... we live in a world where we have access to YouTube and all the Drag Superstars from RuPaul Drag Race have gifted us makeup tutorials.

Prepare to lose a few hours of your life down the delicious rabbit hole I am about to present to you...

Let's start with Valentina's Makeup Tutorial. If you haven't seen this show... in my opinion Season 9 is THE BEST (Biased as my favourite Queen in the whole world, Sasha Velour, won.) Valentina is possibly the most beautiful queen you will ever lay your eyes on... and in this tutorial, it's interesting to see how she blocks out her brows just using glue and powder!

Next is Violet Chachki. THEY ARE INCREDIBLE. You may recognise Violet from editorials as well in Italian Vogue, Interview, Nylon, and Candy... and Violet won season 7 of RuPaul's Drag Race. I love watching artists do their makeup in a different way to others. Here you'll hear Violet talk about their love for a brush as apposed to a Beauty Blender... and also the process in which they do their brows is slightly different to Valentina. I love this video as Violet already has a full brow, unlike Valentina who only has a half brow.

HA HA HA Try watching this and not laughing out loud every 5 seconds. Trixie Mattel is absolutely hilarious in this tutorial and it's a pure fecking joy to watch... and also shows a different way to block out a brow (same products... different technique). This video also introduced me to a term 'clown lung' which I had never heard before... and as a former clown and character at Draculas on the Gold Coast (where we used talc sometimes to set out makeup as performers who had no makeup experience)... I googled immediately and could not find any information about 'Clown Lung' but this could be referring to a chronic lung irritation called talcosis. 

Trixie has an extreme makeup look inspired by plastic dolls for her Drag... so when considering what Drag you would like to design... you might like to start with a theme or even a person from history!


Oh... And if you do the last layer of glue like Trixie in the competition... you will probably be disqualified.

Last but certainly not least... Sasha Velour! If you haven't seen season 9 of  Drag Race ... you must do this immediately and be prepared to get all the feels in the finale! Sasha Velour is so incredible and inspiring! I can't get enough of her.

I was so in love and excited with Sasha, I contacted her to be able to feature her image in Laud Magazine Feed Your Scroll - a regular article about inspiring instagram accounts to follow.  Next step... full blown interview just so I can spend my days researching and admiring with a purpose ha!

And before you send me mail about the spoiler that she won... shame on you for not already seeing it! And season 10 has already aired.. so you're very behind ha! What I WON'T do is share any of the final performance... you can discover that delicious goodness for yourself.

Sasha Velour also publishes a yearly magazine you might be interested in - VELOUR: The Drag Magazine

For now... enjoy her Makeup Tutorial (this link also links to 30 other Drag Race tutorials)

TIPS for face2face awards 2018

start planning now

Even if you don't know who you will use as a model.. start doing your research and work out what sort of Drag Queen you would like to create. The more preparation you do with plenty of time... the better your day will go.

binge watch rupauls drag race

I don't need to explain this for obvious reasons. 

If I am creating an elaborate look for say, a body paint demonstration or creative makeup... I always have on in the background something to inspire the look. For "We the Painted" I listened to Sigur Ros on repeat. For a fun 80s mood board creation session... I'll listen to 80s or watch an 80s film on another computer. Putting on Drag Race whilst you work on your concept will inspire you in so many ways!

practice brow blocking

Practice so much that it will be second nature to you on the day. Practice on yourself so you know what it feels like... also anyone who will sit in your chair. I have a glue stick in my kit now and use it more than I expected to on shoots!

do as much pre-preparation as possible

If you can even over prepare (is there such a thing?) before the competition day... it will ease your mind.

Have your kit sorted and cleaned.

Have your model come over to fit the outfit. (and please don't think you need to spend a lot of money.. Drag Queens have been on Drag Race in gowns made of garbage bags)

Visit op-shops! I found the perfect pair of size 11 shoes for my NYC IMATS demonstration at an op-shop for $16

Get on Youtube and watch tutorials! I learn something new from every single tutorial I see!

Practice, practice, practice!

Squeeze this opportunity dry for what it can do for you. For example... record the process and instagram it or blog it. Arrange someone to take professional pics for you on the day.

have fun with the e n t i r e process

This category was designed so you can go crazy and have fun in the process! Don't get caught up in any stress about it. Once the competition starts you will realise everyone is having fun and the people watching will be in such awe of what you're doing you will feel like the most talented person in the world. That's an amazing bi-product of this competition... people will watch you and you will hear them say how good you are. they may even try ask questions if you are close enough. After the competition... your model will certainly need to pose for a lot of photos!

Cant find a model?

I have used StarNow for quite a bit of casting. Be honest and upfront about the requirements and you may find a model who wants to go out that evening in drag... or just have something in their portfolio (make sure you organise someone to come take photos for you if thats the case) You MAY even find a drag queen who already has an outfit and is interested to see what you would do with their face. Keep an open mind and you might be surprised who you know will say yes to you!

GO VISIT a kryolan store

No, this isn't a paid post. 

You might notice nearly every Queen I included in the videos on this post uses a Kryolan stick foundation. THIS is the store you should visit once you have an idea of what you will be doing as you will most likely find everything you need there. The staff are also great and will be able to give you tips on your application. No, I don't get paid to endorse Kryolan... but I use it in my kit and in fact use Kryolan Ultra or Supra foundation in nearly every makeup I do. Yep... even the sheer barely there makeups. I use their makeup mixer to sheer out the product.. or lately I have been using Cozette Matrix Mixing liquid and I'm obsessed. I try other foundations but always go back to my Ultra foundation as it's so versatile and does the job! I've even been using supracolor as creme blush lately as I can customise to whatever colour I want.


Any creative questions please don't hesitate to ask them here... or email me x