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Bridal – The Real Modern Bride


CATEGORY DEFINITION This year, we want to celebrate diversity and love in Australia. We encourage bridal makeup designs for weddings from every background, ethnicity and age bracket. We hope you use this category to help us celebrate the diversity of our country!

With a few crazy NYC delays... I am back to writing for you some Face2Face Makeup Awards tips + hints.

The Modern Bride is our most popular live category and is certainly filling places again this year. But why would you even enter a live competition? Isn't it something that makes your nerves go haywire and your brain stop being able to process normal functions? I don't know about you... but memories of being in exams at high school and magically all of my hard studying and hand/eye coordination going out the window - like magic amnesia. My year 12 Physics exam produced 3 x requests to go to the bathroom with nervous wee's. In my late teens, I entered singing competitions and once got so nervous (thanks to the fact I was the only performer to actually dress up in costume) that every part of my body shook under the multiple layers and layers of material I was wearing... for my Milkmaid costume. Even my bum trembled. No one could tell as I was wearing so many skirt layers... but I'm pretty sure the lace on my milkmaid bonnet was jumping up and down. Dead give away.

So why on earth do we put ourselves through our own nervous hell of a live competition??

As nervous as I used to get... even back then I knew the beauty of a competition/exam. This was an experience that I could never experience in any other situation. I was going to expand and stretch as a human in ways that could never be unlearned. And as artists... this is essential for our craft!

We are only going to grow as artists if we constantly step outside our comfort zone. This is something that we talk about a lot in Makeup Artist Bootcamp. Makeup Artists sometimes forget that we are in fact ARTISTS and need to treat our craft as such. Growing and expanding as an artist is essential and a competition could be considered the perfect practice for confidence with a difficult/stressful client/job. Trust me... if you can nail THAT... being the one person who doesn't look like a deer in headlights when shit hits the fan... you're 10 steps ahead of the crowd.

Oh... and also don't wait until you are 'ready'. 'Ready' may never come if you over think it.


In light of the recent changes to marriage equality in Australia... this year I decided to slightly change the theme for Modern Bride. This year we are loudly encouraging diversity. In previous years we have had sprinkles of diversity with same sex brides, different bridal cultures and tastes. In 2018 we want to highlight and encourage the diversity of our country and celebrate ALLLLLLL kinds of brides. because we all know we aren't all 20 something blonde brides with a liquid liner, matte nude lipstick and a perfectly placed strip lash. 

One of my most memorable brides was a black-dressed bride where her Mum wore green eyebrows and grey foundation and they lived in a self made castle. I was also once a waitress at a bondage wedding at Draculas. Both had the happiest day of their life - because they were doing things THEIR way. The word 'wedding' should be an undefined title for a bride to be completely herself.

Read the latest on Bridal Beauty in this Vogue Brides interview with The Future Mrs Creative Director, Casey Gore.

Read the latest on Bridal Beauty in this Vogue Brides interview with The Future Mrs Creative Director, Casey Gore.

For some extra inspiration for your 'Real Modern Bride' entry this year... I spoke to good mate, and makeup extraordinaire Casey Gore. Not only is Casey an amazing Makeup Artist,  she is the founder and creative director of The Future Mrs - The Future Mrs is a collective of the best editorial photographers, fashion stylists, hair stylists and makeup artists available nationally and internationally for wedding and event bookings.

I've known Casey for years and her work is exceptional. Her skin work is to die for and I'm constantly stalking her social media to find out her new favourite product. I thought I would have a chat with her to ask her words of wisdom for your competition as well as being a makeup artist in general

B - Congratulations on your vogue bride interview! Amazing! So... let's start. What made you start The Future Mrs?


        C - Thankyou so much! It was such an honour it be asked!

The idea for The Future Mrs came about when a bride gave me one of my own editorial images by coincidence as a reference during her trial. It was a beachy bronze makeup look, dewy skin and a stunning highlight on the cheekbones. The bride was beyond excited to learn that I was the makeup artist on that shoot and yes, I could give her that look for her wedding day. It was from that moment I realised that I could connect brides with the greatest editorial talent in the country who could in turn give brides the best look and experience for their wedding day.


  B - Some people may not realise, but you live now in LA... what differences are you seeing in Bridal makeup requests in America compared to Australia?


C - You know, when I lived in Australia I always imagined the American market to be bit more about the “glam style of Makeup” but I think being the Creator of The Future Mrs, the bridal request that I'm getting are mostly The Future Mrs aesthetic/my signature style of Makeup. Social media is more powerful than ever before so brides globally are going straight to your instagram to see your work.

 So I think its less about an overall cultural style and becoming more about personal style! Which is a great!


B - Isn't that the truth! 

O.K. Next question... The world is certainly changing and thanks to technology... we are exposed to a greater diversity of opinion, lifestyle and tastes from people around the world. Why do you think a majority of Bridal imagery is still a majority of young white models... or do you think this is changing?

 C - Due to western cultural beliefs in the past and what we knew to be true back then…that 'white girl' formula is what sold Bridal Magazines, and still does somewhat to this day. But I do believe the world is changing, we are more evolved in our editorial visions than ever before and are embracing beauty in all different forms and its wonderful. It was the change that needed to happen, I'm thrilled to be a part of the movement.


B - Me too! After working in editorial for so long now I KNOW how frustrating it was to have a white washed folio. Part of the problem in Australia was that agencies weren't really signing much diversity and yet we are one of the most diverse and multicultural countires in the world! Always made me scratch my head. I know our world has a lot if issues right now... but the gradual mainstream acceptance of EVERY shape, ethnicity and even age is so heart warming I'm so happy to be alive to see it. We have so far to go... but I feel like we are moving out of 'token diversity' in editorials and campaigns... to diversity being a normal. Thank fuck and about time.


Next question! Australia got the same sex marriage bill last year (finally). This hasn't necessarily changed any makeup trends as such... but what changes have you seen in the Bridal Makeup industry compared to the past few years?

 C - Yes FINALLY! It was a very happy day at The Future Mrs Office! Lol

 What we have seen are more Weddings!!! Yay! and our MENs Grooming packages going up! 


B - Oh that is very interesting! Remember when men in the 90's/early 2000s were teased for their 'manscaping'? Now that gender roles are being broken down and gender fluidity is something even the most sheltered are learning about... concealer on a business mans eyes after pulling an all nighter doesn't seem so taboo anymore. Yay. 

Next! - You've judged the Face2Face Makeup Awards in previous years. What are you main points of feedback/tips for Makeup artists competing this year? 

C - As I always say… whether its Bridal or not….make it your number one goal to make sure that the person sitting in your chair is looking like the best polished version of themselves.

Makeup wise…A beautiful foundation base that looks velvety and lux with a soft highlight.

A softly applied brow application and a subtle flush of colour on the cheeks.

Take a moment to really look at the eye shape and work out the correct placement for shading and lash application (that will be what really makes you a master)

And I can’t express this enough…Hygiene! 

Out of respect for anyone that you are working on…CLEAN YOUR KIT and let them SEE that you have cleaned your hands before touching them! Its shows respect for them and most importantly shows how much you respect yourself as a serious professional.

Lastly…winning a competition like the Face 2Face Makeup Awards gives you a platform for your business to thrive on a nationwide level…I know I would certainly want a trial with the winner of a bridal Makeup competition ;)


B - This is so true. I've always thought the beauty of entering a competition like this has absolutely NOTHING to do with who wins... but this is a PERFECT opportunity to take some amazing photos and use it like a PR monster! Brides love hearing you are doing something special and with all the effort you put into your entry... I would be taking so many pics and using it to my full advantage. That 'special' talking point with clients always makes them feel better they have you for their wedding because it's something they can brag to their family/friends too. Especially after what you said about Brides going directly to your instagram... what a perfect content creation opportunity.

O.K.... I can't NOT ask you this - What are your favourite bridal makeup tools? Also... any tips?

C - Water proof mascara - because let's be honest, even if you aren’t a cryer, chances are you might very well be on your wedding day.

Lip balm - people’s lips are constantly drying out. I always send my brides off with a tube so they can reapply during the day.

Long lasting/full coverage concealer - This is more for blemishes. If you have a blemish that's trying make a guest appearance on your wedding day I want to know that I've got you covered (literally)! Lol (AS SEEN IN VOGUE BRIDES)


And lastly, I would normally say a setting powder and blotting papers are a must to tone down shine... but I've just caught up with the amazingly talented makeup artist Rae Morris who has introduced me to her newly released “Invisible Mattifer” from her new makeup range and let me tell you… this product is going to change the way we touchup shiny T-zones! It removes shine while maintaining a velvety natural skin texture. So no more “heavy powdered look”! It is now available in Mecca Cosmetica.

Click on image to shop at Mecca Maxima

Click on image to shop at Mecca Maxima

It should be in every Makeup Artist's kit and every brides touch up bag.

 Tools - Lash Curler and my Beauty Blender are my “cant leave the house without them” tools! 


B - Some makeup artists think they can't do bridal makeup as well as editorial and advertising. The Future Mrs proves that theory wrong. What's your best piece of advice for a Makeup Artist that loves bridal as well as pursuing other areas in their career.

C - This is such a great question…

 I think the reason that The Future Mrs is a success is because the calibre of talent are highly accomplished editorial Artists and that is simply why they can have it both ways ;) 

The best piece of advice that I would give is if you want to do both… Make your editorial portfolio incredibly strong.

So if clients hear that you do both... it simply won’t matter because they’ll want you anyway ;) 



Registration for your place in the competition is open until 21st August!


Visit  the Future Mrs  (click for link) for the most gorgeous real bride story - Julie x

Visit the Future Mrs (click for link) for the most gorgeous real bride story - Julie x

A story by Ali Mitton via  The Future Mrs   Featuring: Ava Mcavoy and Zoé Géggout from Photogenics Beauty by Casey Gore Makeup products by Becca Cosmetics Styled by Kelley Ash Location: Malibu California Published by LA Loved Magazine

A story by Ali Mitton via The Future Mrs

Featuring: Ava Mcavoy and Zoé Géggout from Photogenics
Beauty by Casey Gore
Makeup products by Becca Cosmetics
Styled by Kelley Ash
Location: Malibu California
Published by LA Loved Magazine

Image c/o  The Future Mrs

Image c/o The Future Mrs

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Follow The Future Mrs on Instagram for bridal inspiration x

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Follow Casey Gore for makeup and skin heaven x



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