Photography @chris.chapterten Model @emma_kwilson

Photography @chris.chapterten Model @emma_kwilson

When I was born into the makeup world in the year 2000, I really knew absolutely nothing. I knew how to apply makeup... but I had no clue in what it would take to live the career that I thought I wanted. I had no idea the mammoth task that was ahead of me to have the career the school brochures said I was going to have.

For some reason also, I had this idea in my head that I needed to hide my artistic desires. That they were 'silly' and not real life wishes and I couldn't ACTUALLY work how I wanted to work because that was for cooler, luckier people. Fast forward almost a decade and even though I had worked out what made my makeup heart sing, I was STUCK. Stuck in a life that I was miserable in... and let's face it... thinking of quitting makeup every other day. Those who have read Makeup Artist Bootcamp know this story so to cut a story short... fate had me do a BUNCH of work on myself, revolutionising the way I thought about myself and the world and almost like magic, within a short time, I went from sad unfulfilled artist to directing my first Sydney Fashion Week show.

Magic happened and I was onto something.

I spoke about this at IMATS one year as I thought it was super interesting. I also thought that would be that... but when I was surrounded by artists wanting to know more about what I had done... and also more about the part where I explained the more you practice body art the better your makeup skills get... Makeup Artist Bootcamp was born!

Fast forward to now, 2017, and not only am I just scratching the surface of whats possible for myself as a creative makeup artist, I am proudly LAUD Magazine Beauty Director, Face2Face Awards Creative Director and have been touring Australia with Makeup Artist Bootcamp and shaking things up in MUAs careers for 4 years now. None of this was possible in my head a few years ago even though my heart wanted a career like this. Exactly like this.


Artists have been asking me for a long time... "When are you going to do just a day of the career building exercises?" A day that is not only suitable to MUAs ... but for any creative?

Well... now is the time for the KICK STARTER MUA BOOTCAMP!

One of my own personal Milestones is going to NYC and playing for a while over there. Now that my Visa is signed, sealed, delivered... I'm about to jet off! I thought it would be a good time to introduce the Kick Starter Classes.

This is a class that will have you navigate towards what makes your heart sing... and I know it will as I have seen artists do it over and over again after MUA Bootcamp. AND continue to hit new milestones!

Call me controversial saying this... but I'm not here to teach a course just to make a buck. I know there are courses out there by artists who first and foremost want to create an income for themselves. I'm not saying that's bad... It's creative... and ANYONE would benefit from ANY course. We are artists not appliers and ALWAYS evolving. But I have my own career I'm working on and this isn't my main gig. But I tell you I BLOODY LOVE THIS COURSE and it's one of my greatest passions and proudest achievements. Every time I facilitate MUA Bootcamp I leave knowing I've made a difference to the artists who come. I'm buzzed by what happens in this course and I KNOW this is unlike any makeup course. I feel fate had me experience the absolute roller-coaster that my career has been so far JUST so MUA Bootcamp could be born. Everything I teach, I use for myself to experience the work I want to experience. It's not all pretty... and I'm no zen master... but I know what I need to do to get to the places I want to go and that makes my creative heart explode. I still get into funks and have very bad days... but I also know how to stand up, brush off and move forward. Resilience is second nature now.

If you have read this far... I hope to see you in one of my classes! They really are extraordinary! I feel MUA Bootcamp has a life of it's own now and I'm responsible for keeping it alive. It's an amazing experience. Selected TAFEs now have MUA Bootcamp Book One in their libraries... and it's only growing bigger. And when you get private messages from artists who say it helped them overcome debilatating thoughts and they are now moving forward... how could I NOT be madly in love with what I have created. *Tears and a bursting heart. 


Come join me in the KICK STARTER MUA BOOTCAMPs I just listed...



If you want me to bring this one day Kick Starter to your town... please let me know. I'm off to NYC probably end of January. I'm now looking into GOLD COAST and possibly TASMANIAN dates as well. Open to more x

Much love,

Becca xx