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about makeup artist bootcamp

with Becca Gilmartin

Makeup Artist Bootcamp is the most unique and sought after

course for Makeup Artists in Australia... now AVAILABLE in the USA  

This intensive two day course sets you up with effective tools in your pursuit of career success, well-being and happiness for years to come.
Makeup Artists have described this event as
“Life changing”
“A game changer”
 “The best investment of my career”


“Makeup Artist Bootcamp has literally changed my life...”


Ellie, Toowoomba

 MAKEUP ARTIST BOOTCAMP with becca gilmartin

Over two full days, Becca coaches up to EIGHT artists through a unique series of exercises that accelerate makeup brush skills, career milestones & mindset growth with amazing and measurable results. Taught with built-in self mentoring that continues for months even years to come, this course is suited to Makeup Artist’s at any stage of their career.

You will leave Makeup Artist Bootcamp with a revolutionised outlook on your career, practical tools to achieve your career dreams and with the know-how to improve the areas of your practical  artistry you wish to work on. 
Most artists leave adding body art to their professional skill set… a great added bonus to the class even if not a current area of interest to you.


There is no course like the original MAKEUP ARTIST BOOTCAMP!

Designed for you like a new training programme at the gym... this makeup artistry ‘bootcamp’ utilises over 17 years of Becca’s experience in mindset work, resilience, accelerated growth in artistry and thinking outside of the box.

Practical exercises are designed to train your eyes and hands for advanced makeup skills and creative confidence. Just like a coach would have their sporting team do weights to build strength… these exercises  build your makeup artist strength on many levels. Experience improvement in accuracy, confidence, attention to detail, creativity and speed… to name a few.

Not everyone at a gym doing weights wants to be a body builder... The same way you do not need to want to be a body artist to benefit from this course. 

Flourish as a makeup artist through these exercises regardless of where you are at in your career.

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Challenge your beliefs on what you are capable of as a Makeup Artist. Enjoy a new sense of excitement and joy for the future of your career.
Learn practical activities that when practised over time dramatically increase brush skill, confidence, creativity and attention to detail.

Understand your own definition of success.

Free yourself to pursue your own exciting milestones. 

Create your own path... find your direction.

Feel confident in taking actions towards the next level of your career.





Makeup Artist Bootcamp is available globally. Please email for any requests for Becca to bring MUA Bootcamp, Masterclass or Guest Speaking opportunity to your area.