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Something N E W is coming...

Something N E W is coming...

I have been with Laud Magazine since the beginning, when we launched in 2016, and to be part of a group of artists creating a publication designed around what WE love has been a labour of love, full of massive learning curves and one of the most fulfilling projects I have ever been involved with. The integrity of Laud is to create a printed and online platform supporting the artistry of the Hair, Makeup and Creative industry. 

Now something new is coming...

Our fearless founder, Trish Lee, will be making the exciting announcement at Beauty Expo Australia in Sydney this weekend.

I'm so excited and maybe a bit biased... as I'm also involved in this project like it's also my little baby.


A SECOND exciting NEW THING this weekend at the Face2Face Awards, is Laud magazine have created a new award...

The Face2Face Editors Choice Award!

To introduce this new award... I chatted with Editor in Chief/ Founder of Laud, Trish Lee so she can tell you more... and also it's an excuse to talk about the new project te he he.

Explain the Editors Choice Award and why you were motivated to create it?

The Face2Face Editors Choice Award is an award that will be given to an Artist that participates in the Live F2F sections and/or the photographic section. I have attended, competed and judged the F2F for quite a few years and over the past few years there have been some outstanding competitors - Some may have won and some may not have won - but have done absolutely amazing work. I wanted to spotlight an artist that showed amazing promise as behind LAUD is the ethos of lifting and providing a platform for emerging artists.

. . . . . . . . . . 

What is your favourite thing about the Face2Face Awards and why do you think it is beneficial for artists to enter?

My most favourite thing is seeing the different creative interpretations of a theme. To watch artists not just pushing creative boundaries but pushing their own boundaries is incredible to watch.

I think every artist should enter, its like you can finally say to yourself “I am good enough to do this” and “I am good enough to put my work out there to be judged”. You will never grow unless you can learn by creating and also to receive constructive criticism by some amazingly talented judges is information you just can’t buy.

. . . . . . . . . . 

As the only judge that will be there for EVERY category... what are you looking for from artists?

I want to see new, fresh work.  The Makeup that is being created needs to match the theme and also it needs to match your created mood boards. I would like to see artists stretch the boundaries in the creative sections. In the Bridal: clean, long lasting and not muddied skin. A lot of artists forget that in real Bridal, these looks are forever, they are photographed and therefore in the bridal competition I will be looking for a Bridal look that suits the model, and would photograph amazingly.

. . . . . . . . . . 

What advise would you like to give the artists who have entered?

You are so far ahead of the people standing on the sidelines watching you compete, be proud of yourself.

Practice your look - alot.

There is only a small space to work in for some categories.

Depot prior anything that you can to free up space.

When practicing, layout your products and tools the same way each time, so that on the day, muscle memory will kick in and you will not be searching for a brush or a product.

Time yourself at home.

You need to be consistently under the time limit in practicing incase on the day something causes you to run behind, ie 5 minutes to go and your hands are shaking and that lip just wont work, another 5 mins up your sleeve will calm you down.

DON’T look at what the person next to you is doing.


. . . . . . . . . . 

Laud is such a strong voice for the Makeup and Hair industry... what have been some of the most surprising things you have discovered in your own journey starting this magazine from scratch? 

How tired I am haha.

Seriously, the abundance of talent that we have in Australia. I knew quite a lot of the top tier artists by reputation and from education, but there is such a depth of talent coming through and some of the Makeup Colleges have some super talented artists as well.

My ability to see work that is super good just by looking at it when it comes in. On the flip side, I find it surprising to see work that is very similar to other published work constantly being sent through. One thing that is constantly surprising me is the amount of retouching that is done and the fact that I have heard artists say things like “I thought the retoucher would fix that wonky lip”. Retouching is amazing, but artists work needs to be up there, it isn't your work if more than 50% of the image has to be retouched.

One of the best things has been the support from the Industry, that has been so heartwarming.

. . . . . . . . . . 

What would you like to see from the Artists of Australia when it comes to Laud Magazine?

Send us your work, contact us if you would like to do a shoot.

Be creative, the platform was created for you and currently we get so much from International Artists and the Australian artists are so much more creative.

“You are GOOD enough”

. . . . . . . . . . 

And my favourite question (that I actually know the answer that you won't be able to say here... but here's to trying)...

Whats coming up for Laud Magazine? 

Well... there's a great new project coming... if artists are at my talk on Saturday at Beauty Expo, 3.55pm then you will get all the news first.

It's an amazing project that I have wanted to get off the ground for 6 months.

Yes... and I know all about this new project and I want Saturday to hurry up so I can start talking about it! In fact... Trish is going to try and Skype me in for the announcement so I can scream in excitement from all the way in NYC and embarrass myself.

For now... a teaser.

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