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The Dates Are In!

The Dates Are In!

The Australian 2019 Makeup Artist Retreat Dates are finally here!

“What’s A Makeup Artist Retreat?”

** Hint… is the big sister of The Makeup Artist Bootcamp**

As Part of the preview tour for the new course… I have two evening sessions as well.

  • One to have a taste test of whats to come in a MUA Retreat… a 3 hour evening MUA Retreat.

  • The other for those who want to watch me do makeup and talk about how to put your own beauty shoot together.

It’s 3.30am here in NYC so I will write more in depth as the days go on!

If you have any questions (or comments on my illustration! I have used this M.M. Retreat Brochure as a training tool to learn how to illustrate better for the next book!) email me - beccagilmartin@gmail.com

Exciting times! And my first time home since I moved to NYC! So much to share!

B xx

'The Palette of Essential Ideas' Shade One - Artists Retreat

'The Palette of Essential Ideas' Shade One - Artists Retreat

Finding your Sea Legs

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