Photography  @katrienaemmanuel  Model  @anthea_page

Photography @katrienaemmanuel Model @anthea_page

Now that Makeup Artist Bootcamp + We the Painted are out in the world... it was time for something new.

You may have noticed I am retiring my blog TWOSIXandBRUSH and THE GREEN BRUSH PROJECT website. It was time.


TIME FOR EVERYONE TO ONLY HAVE TO REMEMBER MY NAME (and not the 10,000 names of all the projects I am involved in)

It almost feels like that moment you get rid of your very first (and normally embarrassing) email address (beccajane2k@yahoo.com) and find yourself a clean and lovely new address. One you aren't dying inside every time you share with a client. I can't say I was necessarily embarrassed with my blog name at all... it means a whole lot to me. TWOSIX being one of 3 imaginary friends as a child... but this amalgamation makes my life so much easier. 

I WILL STILL BE WRITING ... you will just now find it here. My industry talk, thoughts and things I find interesting is found under DEAR DIARY...

My product reviews will be found under BEAUTY NOTES

All things Makeup Artist Bootcamp will be found under BOOTCAMP TALES

And in case you are wondering... all the content from The Green Brush Project mentorship has been built into Makeup Artist Bootcamp... this way self mentoring (with a little assistance from moi) is almost effortless. Well... effort required but the enjoyable kind of effort.

There's actually a relief I am feeling it all now being under one roof. My folio is still beccagilmartin.com but the rest is beccagilmartin.net. 

I hope you visit often and enjoy!

B x

Photography  @katrienaemmanuel  Model  @anthea_page

Photography @katrienaemmanuel Model @anthea_page

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