Kimbra's On Top Of the World

Kimbra's On Top Of the World

Hey Facebook Friends... remember that time I posted I was sick for a week because I worked on a job that turned into a huge smog of gluten... and I'm a serious glutard??

Well here it is!

Ha ha! (Funny now.. not then!)

I had the pleasure of working with my lady KIMBRA on her TOP OF THE WORLD clip recently... not only do I love this song (happy to have it stuck in my head)... I just love working with this talented human! There's a feeling of knowing art is being made when working with Kimbra and Guy Franklin (and his crew were amazing).

What I learnt:

1 - You can never predict when Art Department will use flour as spfx.

2- Gluten has health effects even when inhaling,..

3 - Wear a mask!!

4 - You can change the makeup 4 times in progression but lighting can hide your eye work. Never get sad... This is unpredictable.

5 - Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks really are smudge proof! Witness this after Kimbra takes her mask off towards the end of clip. This was shot a number of times with minimal touch ups required. (No, I didn't get paid to say that or put in the link)

6 - When your body starts exploding from gluten... make sure you have an amazing assistant like Emily Moran on hand to be your hands when you can no longer walk on set.

7 - A hot water bottle is a blessing in your kit when working in cooler climates like Melbourne.

Here's the clip... ENJOY!

Get the single here -

The new studio album Primal Heart out wwide January 19th, 2018 Preorder now -

Top of the World Video Credits:

Director - Guy Franklin

Cinematographer - Ed Goldner

Produced by Pixel Studios

Hair & Makeup - Becca Gilmartin

Connect with Kimbra:

 Bloggery Love with @pastelwasteland

Bloggery Love with @pastelwasteland

Face2Face Makeup Awards 2017 TIPS!

Face2Face Makeup Awards 2017 TIPS!