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For those who have been thinking about entering the Face2Face Makeup Awards for 2018... I just found out that...

the deadline has been extended until Aug 28!

Reed exhibitions decided the Nail and Makeup Competition should have the same deadline for entry date to avoid confusion... so hooray for those who were waiting for invoices to be paid or courage to come in!

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For those who have never competed before... I think this is a good time for me to let you know what to expect xx

Q - What happens at the awards??

- Research and plan your makeup you will be creating as much as possible. 

- Don't forget a mood board that judges and onlooking visitors can see for more information about you and your entry. (YES it's a good idea to bring your cards if anyone wants your details and put those instagram accounts on your mood board!) 

- The competition floor is open ONE HOUR before your competition starts for you to be able to set up and settle in.

- When you arrive at the expo go to guest services and there will be a pass for you and your model waiting for you there.

- Find a map and this will show you the way to the competition area!

- Jazz Pampling or one of her amazing Comp Assistants will let you know which table will be yours. Some categories you have a table mate... some you have to yourself. You have a specific table number and this is also your competitor number.

- YES you can bring your own lighting as there is power at the stations... but bring a power board so you ant your table mate can share if there's more than on power requirement.

- Friends/Family who are helping you can help you set up etc but must leave the floor before competition time.

- You will have a station space, a rubbish bin, a tall makeup stool and a cape for your model to wear. There is space for you to store your kit underneath the table and yes you can leave it between categories if you have entered more then one category... however we recommend you leave your kit in judges area when you leave for lunch (everyone also leaves for lunch and area is generally unsupervised between categories.)

- YES your model can wear the styling you have chosen and their hair can be pre done (just no makeup)

- Jazz will be announcing when the competition is about to start... when you have 15 minutes to go, 10 and 5 etc. 

- Don't be nervous.

- Onlookers watch the competition but you are not on stage... and if you are near the side they may ask you questions... you don't have to answer as you're in competition.

- Once the competition time has ended... you will stand around with your model without being able to touch them until all the judges come around and judge your work. Someone will also come and take a photo of your model with the station number to help judges backstage.

- Once Jazz announces all the judging is complete... you can do final Jzoojzing.

- About 10 mins before main stage... you, your model and everyone else who has competed walk to main stage in order of your stations. This is very important as you will be called on stage in order of your stations.

- On stage you will be invited on stage one by one to show your work! For the stage fright people out there... be not afraid. Jazz will be there to make you feel comfortable! She will ask you what inspired your look and you only have to say a couple of words about your creation and if it makes you feel better... everyone will be looking at your work anyway!

- Once you have conquered the stage... you can stand with your model wherever you like in the audience... as Jazz will then announce prizes, judges and then they announce runner up... then winner!

- After celebrations... there will be photos of judges and winners... and everyone is invited back to the competition floor where you can use to take your own beauty photos for your social media and also ask judges for their honest verbal feedback. This is the most valuable part of the competition in my opinion! Feedback plus content creation!

- Please leave your station the way you found it pleeeease. Don't be a dirty makeup artist.

After the competition you are free to roam the expo!! Catch some education even!

And most importantly... HAVE FUN WITH IT!


Face2Face Makeup Awards 2018 - Judges!

Face2Face Makeup Awards 2018 - Judges!