Makeup Artist Bootcamp BOOK ONE DUO

Makeup Artist Bootcamp BOOK ONE DUO



Get all you need to start your Makeup Artist Bootcamp adventure!

Makeup Artist Bootcamp is the highly anticipated debut release from one of Australia’s favourite makeup artists, Becca Gilmartin.  

A ground breaking concept in makeup education,Makeup Artist Bootcamp combines mindset, mentoring and body art exercises to effectively train
creativity, accuracy and confidence. These exercises produce results in all
areas of a makeup artist’s career.

Becca guides you step-by-step through:

17 practical activities for advanced brush skills. 

14 action activities which form a framework on which you can build your career.

Becca guides you through a self-paced course that includes case studies from past Bootcampers, templates for activities, and access to Becca’s online community for ongoing support. 

Exercises are implemented the same way a personal trainer might have you do weights at the gym - building strength and muscle over time. Rather than simply surviving your makeup career, Becca’s framework and philosophy is used to create and produce unimaginable results as already realised by past Bootcampers.

No interest or experience in body art is required to benefit from this work. Many makeup artists have described Makeup Artist Bootcamp as a life
changing experience, and a secret weapon for their career. 

This is essential reading for any makeup artist or other creative wishing to focus on, and elevate their creative milestones.

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