The Makeup Artist Retreat - One Day

The Makeup Artist Retreat - One Day


The One Day Retreat introduces you to the fundamental philosophies and practices of The Makeup Artist Retreat.

This is the FIRST preview of the new edition and will include a copy of The Makeup Artist Bootcamp.

Time: 9am - 6pm

Morning Retreat:

- Understanding the Philosophies and Practices of the Makeup Mindset.

- The ‘I AM’ exercise - coined by many as the main ‘game changer’.

- Making The Makeup Mindset a regular practice.

One hour lunch (Lunch provided)

Afternoon Retreat:


- Body Art basics and problem solving.

- Unlearning what you think body art can be for you.

-Fundamental practical exercises for creative confidence,

brush mastery and artist evolution.

-Afternoon summary of The Makeup Mindset that will leave you

knowing the clear path to continue on with all that you now

know to do.

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