Face2Face Makeup Awards 2018 - Judges!


I'm often asked why it takes so long to announce the judges each year. I have empathy for everyones curiosity as if I was entering I'd want to know who I am out to impress! Who am I going to have to mentally prepare to have look over my work... and WHO MIGHT NOTICE MY WORK WHICH MIGHT BE A DOMINO FOR ME POSSIBLY ASSISTING OR LEARNING MORE FORM THIS PERSON? Let's face it... connections happen all the time! Courtney who won the SPFX category a couple of years ago now regularly works with the Oscar winning Odd Studio who judged after she spoke to them for feedback after the competition time. Connections between judges and fellow artists happen all the time...

So why the late announcement every year? Simply put... judges come to judge to contribute to you in their spare time and every year I have a rotation of judges like a tetris game - all because life and work pops up for some judges and I never know a true confirmation sometimes even until the day! There are STILL some I can't announce yet due to possible commitments.

So they delay is to avoid you having your heart set on meeting someone in particular and then they don't appear. Changes happen every year.

So ... want to know who I CAN say is judging this year?

Plus some more surprise Judges!

Click on each image for links to these amazing artists and industry folk.


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