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EVO are here to save us from ourselves...

EVO are here to save us from ourselves...



I’d like to think that in this day and age of information overload at our fingertips…. we see everything that we are interested in at all times on our channels. However it is alarming to think that what seems to be put before our scrolling eyes are merely sponsored posts, targeted marketing based on search results and a curated feed by people paying money and some out of touch AI.

This can be my only explanation as to how EVOs new ‘Buy Bye Bye’ Campaign was so delayed in my discovery.

I have loved EVO and each products sense of wit and no bullshit backed up with products that do what they say they do for a long time now. My hair kit is 90% EVO and I am definitely NOT being paid or gifted product to write these words.

Our world is rapidly changing and through the chaos of all the bad… I see so much progress I’m proud of in the world. Beauty positive activists, LGBTQI activists, Gender Fluidity Awareness, Womens Rights, Refugee rights, anti bullying (amongst other awareness causes)… everyone is realising we have social media working for us and getting louder in the world right now about things that are important has been made a little easier to be heard. And I try to focus on the good being done, so the good gets my attention instead of just complaining about what I don’t like about the world. People are trying to evolve the world into a good place that makes sense to us… a world where everyone has equal space in society and culture… and I’m here for it. I know we can’t all change the world in its entirety alone… but ‘doing what we can with what we have and what we know’ are words I live by.

Today I want to be loud in celebration for EVOs brand philosophies… because it’s great product held up by great integrity. It’s one thing to buy a product because our body wants/needs it… but it’s another thing to buy it because a company has spoken fear based language to you to invent a problem that only they can fix. Beauty Advertising still has a way to go… and EVO are champions for the future of Beauty Brands and advertising mindfulness.

We get to choose what we listen to.

Bring on the truth and be gone false promises that only uphold oppressive beauty standards… and bring on the fun!

When I saw EVOs new ‘Buy Bye Bye’ I cheered! Then contacted EVO so I can talk to the person responsible for this genius.

EVO is an innovative, professional hair and beauty product manufacturer with individuality and integrity; a manufacturer that speaks the truth.

Born from a desire to produce an exclusive salon range (and not sell it as the answer to life, love and other woes), EVO steps outside the normal realm of truth-stretching invention in a 'wake up and smell the coffee' crusade of twisted honesty - designed to make people think. and so comes the catch phrase - saving ordinary humans from themselves™.

Inside bottles of EVO that are bursting with personality, you'll find luxurious products that are sulphate, paraben, dea, tea and propylene glycol free; products that give professional results while respecting the environment.

You won't find unnecessary, over-marketed ingredients; no imaginary technology, no myths, no gimmicks. all ingredients in EVO formulations are active; nothing is added only to make claims on the label.

My new favourite human is Meghann Reeves.

Meghann Reeves - My official title is: global head of brand marketing for EVO – but at times I feel more like EVO ’s foster mother -  channeling all my passion into something that ultimately doesn’t belong just to  me – more so, it belongs to the people who love it, use it and share its message as much as I do. In a nutshell, I have the wonderful pleasure of ideating and creating EVO ’s; campaigns, imagery, messages, partnerships, PR, social.. so basically anything you see to do with the brand of EVO comes across my desk.

I am beyond stoked to know that my little idea and belief of “don’t buy it””  for this campaign, has become a story people feel apart of. When I create any of EVO ’s campaigns it is always about telling a story, hopefully  one that people want to listen to and be a part of. It is always so special when they become connected and become a part of the storytelling. What myself and my team try to create is ultimately around this simple idea of “doing the right thing”.. so that when an educator/stylist/creative team member like the marvelous Lauren McCowan have to get up on a stage, be on a set, in a salon or stand behind a chair and talk about the products, and the brand message, that they can do that with integrity and honesty - sharing what we create and never feel they have to compromise their beliefs as an artist to “sell” any marketing BS. I truly believe that in this day and age, people don’t buy what you are selling – they buy what you believe. Its no longer about a transactional economy – the new economy is the meaning economy – and I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of it. I think I cut a little chunk of my heart off when I shared my campaign into the big wide world this January( 4 years after shooting it ) , I don’t think it is a chunk I will ever get back.. and I am ok with it – because I couldn’t think of a more important message I could share. 

I am so humbled that you would like to share this out – a huge thanks for keeping this conversation going.

Becca - To be completely honest… I’ve reached a point in my 19 year makeup career to be witness to enough health of humanities self esteem to NOT be publically louder in this conversation anymore. Collectively we aren’t healthy. I’m so curious to work out ways we can be mentally healthier about our own (and others) identity… and part of that HAS to be to celebrate those people and brands pondering the same things. I also can’t spend time talking to artists about following their hearts in Makeup Artist Mindset if I’m not doing the same myself. ha!

When did this campaign get rolled out... or has this always been part of EVO s brand culture and it only just registered in my brain?

Meghann - We officially shared the campaign January 14th this year– but I actually shot this footage 4 years ago as part of the first chapter in this series – which was a campaign I created called “free your mind and your hair will follow”. I shot this on locations across the east and west coast of the USA, with an amazing group of creatives that saw us road tripping for 18 days straight shooting at very specific locations to celebrate outsiders, eccentrics and real people living above the influence of societies pressures – you can check out their stories here: https://www.evohair.com/inspiration/blog. The ethos behind the campaign has however been a part of the brand DNA since inception. First you “free your mind” so that you “don’t buy it”

Suddenly feeling like this piece needs a theme song….

Who is the brainchild behind #Byebuybuy and what do EVO plan on achieving with this?

Well hopefully everyone is behind the heart of the message – but the message itself is one I brought to life last year – I vividly remember speaking to the founder about my idea of  “Don’t buy it – beauty is abundant not in a bottle” , he trusted we would breathe life into it with truth and further solidify his founding idea of just telling the truth. I am not going to lie – there were times when comments made me question If I went too far, that people wouldn’t understand this wasn’t a “tactic”, and that I was too brutally honest with it – and I had my fair share of doubters – but ultimately that never swayed me from the belief that it’s a message myself and EVO have embedded at our core.  Our point of view is that beauty is abundant, not in a bottle – brands should not define standards of beauty or use shitty advertising tactics and photoshop to do it - it’s an important conversation, and one that we want to be a part of and help champion. I believe brands have in a way become publishers – people believe what brands advertise – and with that comes an enormous responsibility. DBI (Don’t Buy It) is not about making universal claims, or even saying we are here to redefine beauty – its our point of view, it’s about getting people to think, personal truths and being honest with the fact that we are not perfect, but we’re trying to do better every day.
I can see there being fine line between positive impact of this campaign and cynical minds thinking DBI is EVOs evil plan to merely be relevant to the world right now - the same way some people are being accused of using diversity of humanity in their campaigns as ‘token’. EVOs anti advertising messages to sell products through advertising would EASILY be seen as a manipulative play by minds who wont look deeper at anything? Surely EVOs DBI philosophy is a way to authentically use EVOs voice to affect change?

DBI was never an idea that I wanted to put out and just  be consumed. I wanted to spark a conversation, and have EVO be a voice participating in that about the standards of beauty, impossible pressures - read the DBI receipt and you will see what I mean. It isn’t a message  about anti consumerism or a crusade of chest beating. DBI is our core belief as a brand – we want to share ideas that drive participation, that encourage anti-mindlessness and we just try to do this in an honest way. All you have to do is look back on the history of the brand, read the bottles or look at who we work with to know this is the very core of who we are. I guess for me, it has become personal – I remember the teenage me who bought the toxic freckle fade cream because I believed I had to look like the people in the media – and none of them had freckles. I thankfully have realised a lot since then – hello tinted moisturiser to allow my freckles to shine through! I still think this industry has a long way to go to be truly inclusive and not try to define what is beautiful– but if DBI and EVO can help to be one voice of many working to affect change .. even in the smallest way, then it has succeeded for me.

Oh I am 100% here for what you have been creating. I've noticed the many different arms of EVO making loud statements as a giant collective middle finger up to beauty advertising that are selling lies for profit. And we are buying into their beauty standards as if they are real and our own and have done so for years. I'm so proud of what EVO have said to the world... is this something EVO is going to be even louder about in the future? (because I am) 

As a brand we will always challenge the status quo, I have some very exciting projects in the works to continue to bring this message to life… stay tuned for those. But at its core what we wrote to open the campaign stands true:

“We're a hair brand. we do hair products. we don't sell self-esteem. we can't bottle beauty. no miracle cures. no answers to love, life and other woes. can't get you that lover/job/car/nose/bum/ever-elusive feeling of contentment. got split ends, a limp, lifeless mop, or a blergh colour - we got you. but nothing we can sell you has sh#t to do with how beautiful you are. don't buy the bs from anyone that tells you otherwise. beauty is abundant, not in a bottle”

beauty is abundant, not in a bottle

we don't sell self-esteem. we can't bottle beauty.

nothing we can sell you has sh#t to do with how beautiful you are.

don't buy the bs from anyone that tells you otherwise

Are you ready to be U N L E A S H E D?

Are you ready to be U N L E A S H E D?