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The Makeup Artist Retreat is 2 days of relaxed and inspiring bliss.

Press pause on your Makeup Career and entertain your imagination over the two days of a MUA Retreat. Working with the metaphor that our careers are a garden and we are the ‘gardeners’… we will explore, appreciate and cultivate our gardens. We pull the weeds that don’t need to be there, plant new seedlings and fill your ‘tool shed’ with exercises to assist you growing your makeup career to be the garden of your dreams. Or not. It’s all up to you. You might even become open to new opportunities and passions… who knows! Everyone gets something different from the weekend.

It’s Makeup Artist REAL TALK that helps clear paths for you to adventure down whilst letting some sunshine in for your favourite plants (your personal career milestones). This work encourages career growth in a healthy environment.

Healthy mind - healthy ‘garden’.


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